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Eva Mendes has appeared in several films throughout her career. Fans know her for her starring roles in blockbusters like Ghost Rider. Others recognize her in small cameos in movies like Knocked up. As a public icon, some viewers simply know Eva Mendes from her on-screen outfits.

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Eva Mendes hasn’t appeared in a feature film in over seven years. However, the actress has worked with several famous directors, from Werner Herzog to the Farrelly brothers. Fans have turned to Rotten Tomatoes to rate the best movies she’s appeared in.


Stuck on you (61%)

Matt Damon

stuck to you presents audiences with a bizarre buddy comedy. Some fans call stuck to you one of the best films of the Farrelly brothers. It follows a pair of conjoined twins, Bob and Walt Tenor, as they leave their home in New England to pursue Walt’s acting career in Hollywood. Along the way, they face the challenges of staying together while seeking different lives.

Eva Mendes plays April Mercedes. Bob and Walt meet her at the apartment complex they are staying in, and the three quickly become friends. The film’s critics might say it’s dated and a bit long, while fans might praise it as a good-hearted comedy. Mendes fans might say his bubbly persona is sweet and memorable.

Clear history (61%)

Clear story comes from the mind of Larry David. He plays the role of Nathan Flomm. Flomm makes a huge mistake when he quits his company after objecting to the name of a new electric car it is producing. After he leaves, the car becomes a huge hit.

Clear story is a made-for-TV movie featuring several comedic actors alongside David, including JB Smoove and Danny McBride. Eva Mendes plays Jennifer, a new acquaintance from Flomm’s years after he left his company. Fans of the film might say it features an impressive cast of comedic actors showcasing the style of comedy found in David’s works like Seinfeld and Calm your enthusiasm.

Out of time (64%)

Denzel Washington out of time

Out of time is an early 2000s thriller starring Denzel Washington. The film follows Washington’s Matt Lee Whitlock, chief of police in the Florida Keys. He becomes embroiled in a criminal investigation when his lover disappears after stealing money to help him undergo surgery.

Eva Mendes plays Matt’s ex-wife and fellow police officer, Alex Díaz Whitlock. Out of time is not one of Denzel Washington’s highest rated films. However, fans of the movie might say it features an original thriller featuring spirited performances in a beautiful setting.

Once upon a time in Mexico (66%)

Robert Rodriguez offers the public one of his best films with Once upon a time in Mexico. It unpacks the story of “El Mariachi”, following the events of DesperadoRodriguez’s second film Mexican trilogy. The action movie follows El Mariachi as he pursues a murderer after being hired by the CIA.

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Eva Mendes plays Ajedrez. She appears to be a force for good until the final events of the film. Fans of the movie might say it features Mendes in an unlikely role, and the film offers a fitting ending to a fun, entertaining, and thrilling trilogy.

Coupling (68%)

Coupling is a mid-2000s romantic comedy. Will Smith stars as Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a self-proclaimed dating expert who helps men find and impress women. However, he seems to have found his partner when he meets Sara Melas, who is immune to all of his methods and charm. Before long, he falls in love with her.

Eva Mendes plays Sara. Fans of the movie might say it’s a fun romantic comedy. Others may say that the film showcases Mendes and Smith’s acting skills and they exhibit memorable chemistry in the film.

Training day (73%)

Eva Mendes opens the door in Training Day.

training day features a now-iconic thriller unpacking a rookie cop’s first day on the job with an unconventional superior. Officer Jake Hoyt goes for a ride with his new supervisor, Detective Alonzo Harris, and soon learns his boss isn’t playing by all the rules. As the events of the film unfold, Hoyt becomes entangled in a criminal network of drugs and murder.

Eva Mendes plays Harris’ mistress, Sara, and the mother of their child. It’s a notable supporting role. fans of training day might say it’s one of the best crime thrillers of the early 2000s. Others would say it’s both funny and exhilarating.

The place beyond the pines (78%)

The public receives a story in three acts in The place Beyond the Pines. Each story is intertwined between a few main characters. The film begins by telling the story of Luke Glanton, a man who becomes a bank robber when he discovers he has fathered a child with his ex-lover Romina Gutierrez.

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Eva Mendes plays Romina. Fans of the movie might say it showcases Mendes’ dramatic range in several emotional sequences. Others might say his chemistry with Ryan Gosling’s Glanton is palpable. Fans of the two might say that’s no surprise given the relationship that developed off-screen after the film was made.

The other guys (78%)

Terry leaves Allen and Sheila's house in The Other Guys

the other guys is a comedy between friends starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Wahlberg plays Detective Terry Hoitz alongside Ferrell’s Detective Allen “Gator” Gamble. The two follow leads in a major case unfolding in New York.

Eva Mendes plays Gator’s wife, Dr. Sheila Ramos Gamble. Hoitz is flabbergasted that the clumsy Gator is married to the strikingly intelligent Sheila, and the jokes surrounding this concept join most of his screen time. Fans of the movie might say it’s a fun and entertaining adventure.

Bad Lieutenant: Stopover in New Orleans (86%)

Eva Mendes opens the door to Nic Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans.

Director Werner Herzog offers audiences a unique crime drama with Bad Lieutenant: Stopover in New Orleans. The film follows Nic Cage’s Terence McDonagh, a twisted cop who bites off more than he can chew while battling drug addiction.

Eva Mendes plays Terence’s girlfriend, Frankie. Fans of the movie might say it’s an artistic thriller with brilliant subtext. Mendes fans might say she shines in her supporting role. Others may say he’s wild and puts on one of Nic Cage’s most impressive performances.

Sacred Engines (92%)

Weird Movies - Holy Motors

Sacred Engines is Eva Mendes’ highest-rated film on the Tomatometer. It presents the audience with a fantasy drama by director Leos Carax. The art film follows a man as he appears in several different vignettes.

Eva Mendes plays Kay M. Fans of the movie might say it’s gripping and ethereal. Mendes fans might say this features his boldest project yet.

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