10 best sci-fi movies if you love building the world


There is a wide range of genres that are making big waves at the box office, and science fiction has become a very popular well to draw from. The best sci-fi movies create stunning worlds that truly make viewers feel like they’ve been transported to a new place.

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Sci-fi movies sometimes get so lost in the intrigue and action that they let their daring new world speak for itself. However, there are some sci-fi movies that work just as well as them because of their elegant world-construction and the lore they create.

ten Warcraft doubles down on the social policy that governs its fantasy world

Duncan Jones has made clever and thought-provoking science fiction films. World of warcraft is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, so a movie adaptation makes a lot of sense. However, Jones makes the curious decision to make tense politics and orc-human relations the centerpiece of the film.

There are amazing monsters and a truly alien world that is on display in Warcraft. It might not be the most exciting movie, but its attention to detail and world-building above war definitely makes it Warcraft a curious experience.

9 Dune presents a unique world that challenges gender norms

Sand worm of the dunes Denis Villeneuve 1

Frank Herbert’s Basic Science Fiction Literature Series, Dune, was considered impossible to faithfully adapt for as long as possible. Denis Villeneuve is an intrepid filmmaker who has undertaken increasingly ambitious projects, and his recent interpretation of the Herbert classic is a largely successful endeavor.

The final half of Dunes history is on its way and should offer a level of quality comparable to its predecessor. There is so much to digest Dune, but Villeneuve thrives with the construction of the universe world and its presentation of different planets and their tribes.

8 Alita: Battle Angel embraces its futuristic world and unique customs

Alita opts for Grewishka in Alita Battle Angel

Robert Rodriguez has become one of the best when it comes to creating artificial worlds that can blend seamlessly into reality. Alita: the angel of battle is a rare live-action anime adaptation that lives up to the occasion and lovingly translates the distinct futuristic society of the source material onto the big screen.

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Creeping technology, the focus on cyborgs, and kinetic sports like Motorball all serve to define the movie world. Hopefully Rodriguez ends up having the opportunity to make a Alita suite and explore this universe even more.

seven James Cameron’s avatar creates a 3D world audiences are sad to leave

Meeting Avatar 3D Pandora Na'vi

James Cameron’s continued engagement in a series of Avatar sequels have become a common joke, but it’s impossible to ignore the mark the original film left on the film industry. Avatar isn’t immune to criticism, but its lush world of Pandora is by far the film’s most successful element.

Some audiences even suffered from depression after the film ended and had to leave the fantasy world of Pandora. Disney World has even done its best to recreate Avatar beloved universe.

6 The Matrix establishes a new framework for simulated reality

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix

There is a very real compulsion when people believe that reality is really just a simulation and that they are just a cog in a radically different world. There are plenty of films that break down this unsettling premise, but few are as visually ambitious and psychologically nuanced as The matrix.

The matrix is such a hit because it’s not just a nifty action movie, and it treats its central world and its philosophies with so much importance. The construction of the world is a crucial principle for The matrix and part of the joy of the experience.

5 Brazil unleashes its public in a suffocating world of skewed imaginations

Film torture chamber in Brazil

Terry Gilliam is responsible for some wonderfully creative and ambitious feature films, and it’s a shame that the director’s most recent offerings don’t capture the same indescribable magic of his strongest cinematic contributions. Brazil is a wild adventure about the lack of conformity and the importance of individuality and free will.

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Brazil explores all of this through a very exaggerated description of a surreal future. from Brazil mix of the urban with fantastic results in a world so unique that the public will never want to leave it. It’s such a powerful mixture of the mundane and the absurd.

4 Jupiter Ascending’s Heavy World Construction Is Mad Movie’s Saving Grace

Jupiter ascending descending

The Wachowskis won an Infinite Pass because of the drastic way they advanced action and sci-fi cinema. Jupiter’s ancestry is a flawed film that suffers from a messy, rushed storyline, but it’s visual extravaganza around every turn.

The film’s secret weapon is his world-building and it’s clear that Jupiter’s ancestry was designed to be one part of a larger whole. The full story of the tale may never come to fruition, but there is a Star wars level of world building that is present in the many diverse alien species and the galactic hierarchy that exists between the planets.

3 Pacific Rim Riffs on Kaiju Classics to Create Her War Torn World

Movies Guillermo Del Toro Pacific Rim Kaiju Fight

Guillermo del Toro is a director who always places as much importance on the atmosphere and the construction of the world as on the characters and the story. All of del Toro’s films are set in fantastic worlds, and Pacific Rim is the director’s love letter to the giant kaiju and robot genre.

The chaotic film is aimed at confusing shows, but the film also establishes the state of its universe and its history with these problematic monsters from another realm. The fact that Pacific Rim received an official sequel and spin-off anime series testifying to the layered world created by the film.

2 Blade Runner’s futuristic dystopia has become a genre staple

Harrison Ford Blade Runner

The detailed and mysterious world that Blade runner creates is the gold standard for establishing an effective and original cyberpunk dystopia. Video games, an animated series and a recent sequel are back on Blade runner rich world and developed it in an even more illuminating way.

There is so much to digest Blade runner, but the film triumphs because of the characters’ emphasis on its central mystery. Blade runner Confidently allows its futuristic world to be self-sufficient and allows the audience to fill in the blanks.

1 Dark City plunges its audience into a dark neo-noir dystopia

Dark Town Keifer Sutherland

Alex Proyas’ masterpiece in 1998, Dark city, went under the radar on its initial release, but it continued to acquire a monumental audience and without it there would be no other seismic genre images like The matrix. Dark city creates an effortless atmosphere with its dark, downcast world that mixes neo-noir sensibilities with sci-fi aesthetics.

from the dark city The set design and artistic design create a fascinating world that begs to be dissected and could easily fuel a sprawling franchise of films. It’s a tragedy that from the dark city Strangers in trench coats do not receive the same honor as The matrix Mr. Anderson.

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