10 Disney Shows And Movies Somehow Still Not On Disney+


Launching a big streaming service will always be difficult, but one of the things that made Disney+ impressive then and still is the size of its catalog. Covering all of Disney’s history, it showcases almost all of their filmography with just one click. Well, almost all of them.

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Even though we’re reaching three years after the initial launch of Disney+, some shows and movies are still not live years later for whatever reason. They range from obscure 80s movies that time forgot to even some genuinely popular shows whose lack of a presence on the service is a huge question mark.


Aladdin: The Series (1994)

Aladdin is one of Disney’s most successful and valuable IPs, so it’s no surprise that the bulk of the franchise is on the service. From the original animated classic, its direct-to-video sequels, and the live-action remake, it’s all here for your viewing pleasure, with one big exception. Aladdin: the seriesthe animated show that aired in the mid-90s, is strangely absent.

It’s a huge deal when Jafar’s Returnand Aladdin and the King of Thieves are on the service, these films are connected to the series as a pilot and finale respectively. It basically means you have a series premiere and a series finale on a streaming platform without its actual show, and too bad because Aladdin: the series also contains 86 episodes of content and is widely considered one of the best spinoffs by fans.

Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear (2000)

Long before Light year hit theaters and gave us the origin story of everyone’s favorite space ranger, there was a show on ABC Family that explored his in-universe version going on adventures with a ragtag crew of cadets space rangers across the galaxy. It was Star Command’s Buzz Lightyeara fan-favorite series that for some reason has been ignored by Disney since it ended its run and is nowhere to be found on Disney+.

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While there is speculation Pixar itself has something to say about the decision, nothing is concrete. The fact that Disney didn’t stage the show in anticipation of Lightyear was even more bizarre, and could have possibly prevented Lightyear from becoming Pixar’s biggest box office failure.

Cory at Home (2007)

A spin-off of the much more popular and beloved It’s so raven, Cory at home was a wonderfully bizarre premise. He takes that show’s most popular supporting character – Cory Baxter – and brings him to Washington D.C. as his father starts working in the White House.

Kyle Massey, the star of the show, has since encountered legal issues for reported sexual misconduct with minors, and this behavior is likely why the show has been dormant and will likely remain dormant for the foreseeable future.

Ghosts of the Abyss (2003)

You’d think a documentary by one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, James Cameron, would be on a streaming service, but alas it’s not. Ghosts of the Abyss isn’t as exciting as Cameron’s other films, but it doesn’t try to be – it’s more of a unique look at the sinking of the Titanic and was the first medium to feature the aftermath of the wreck in its magnificent and haunting glory.

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There’s a beautiful moment in the film involving the team learning about 9/11 during the making of the film, and it’s a heartbreaking documentary film that shows the power of the medium, and it should be in service to be experienced.

Mouse House (2001)

While it was primarily a vehicle for packing mickey mouse works and other related shorts in a show, mouse house left a mark on many children of this generation with his vibrant animation, stellar voice and witty writing. It’s one of the most famous Mickey Mouse-related media in recent memory, and yet it’s nowhere to be found on the streaming service despite its popularity.

With the shorts already on Disney+ in one way or another, it’s possible Disney feels no need to add House of Mouse. It’s a shame, because the segments outside of the shorts deserve to be seen in their own right, and it’s a time capsule into a time when Disney was more reliant on its own animated canon than the IP franchises they now own. .

Make Music to Me (1946)

One of the great things about Disney+ is its catalog of old-time Disney classics. Many of these shows and movies are unavailable or hard to find, so it was a godsend to see some old wrap films from the early days of the Disney Animated Canon. However, there is one exception – Make music minewhich is the only mainline Disney movie not on the service.

There are several reasons for this, mainly censorship. Make Mine Music features a host of elements the company does not wish to associate with its brand – namely the use of firearms and nudity – and the lack of an uncensored release in Blu-Ray form is a sore point for fans for years.

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (1994)

Before Jon Favreau redid The jungle Book in 2016 with huge success there was a first attempt to bring the classic novel to the big screen. by Rudyard Kipling The jungle Bookrealized by Stephen Sommerwas an attempt by Disney to create a darker, more adult version of the story, albeit one that was further removed from the classic novel.

It’s likely that reason, along with its relative obscurity these days, that explains why it’s still not on the service. The lack of a Blu-Ray release and out-of-print DVDs also means it’s a hard-to-find movie these days, so dropping it on Disney+ in the future would be a great way to preserve it for future generations.

The Legend of Tarzan (2001)

It seemed like almost every Disney movie was getting a TV show adaptation in the early 2000s, and after its success, Tarzan was obvious to one. The Legend of Tarzan only lasted one season, but it’s a pretty decent show and provides solid enjoyment for fans of the original film – if you can watch it, of course.

Its lack of a presence on Disney+ isn’t surprising, but what’s a little weird is that they have Tarzan and Joan on the service, a direct-to-video feature that features episodes of the show. It’s an odd choice, to say the least, and the fact that the show isn’t on the service means finalists will have a harder time researching the series.

The Shaggy Dog (2006)

the original shaggy dog was one of Disney’s highest-grossing live-action movies in many years, so a remake made sense. However, when it inevitably hit in 2006, it was mostly panned by critics and was a box office disappointment. This likely explains its lack of presence on Disney+, home to the previous Shaggy Dog movie as well as its sequel. The Shaggy DA.

Still, it’s a bit perplexing why it’s not here. Tim Allen has been a constant in Disney’s catalog so far, and while the film was a bombshell, Disney+ has multiple box office disappointments in its lineup – Underdog from the year after, it’s a good example – so it’s not here seems weird and like an oversight.

The Watcher in the Woods (1980)

A very cult film among certain sections of Disney fans, The Watcher in the Woods is a weird movie from a weird time in Disney history. The Watcher in the Woodswhich is a supernatural horror movie, is a movie that Disney would never dare to release today and the amount of urban legends surrounding the film is proof of that.

That could probably explain why it’s not on Disney+, though there are likely other reasons for that as well. The film was infamous for its troubled production that culminated in such an incomprehensible ending that it was pulled from theaters to resume filming, and it’s likely Disney is simply ashamed of the film for that reason. It’s a shame though – the film is actually very good for what it is and one of their more interesting live-action efforts.

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