10 Marvel Movies We’re Glad Not To Be In The MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the most impressive cinematic universe ever created. Since its first entry – 2008 Iron Man – the franchise has steadily grown in size and quality, tactfully led by Kevin Feige. Its ability to see the bigger picture beyond individual films and tie them together to create a truly massive, well-integrated world is unlike any other effort in film history.

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While the main collection of films produced and overseen by Marvel have been mostly well received, film projects led by other studios have not been as well received. Over the years, even the most popular comic book characters have been misrepresented on the big screen, making viewers glad they don’t count as canon in the MCU.

ten Elektra: The Movie Nobody Asked For


2003 daredevil was a bad movie, but the spinoffs it inspired make it look like a masterpiece. Elektra Natchios is a popular comic book character who often appears alongside Daredevil, both as a lover and an advisor. In the 2005 film, they brought her back to life after she disappeared in daredevil train with the martial arts master, Stick. The rest of the film is a typical revenge story where Elektra uses her abilities as an assassin to become a hitman, eventually confronting the people responsible for her mother’s death. With the lukewarm response to daredevil and the fact that Elektra died at the end of this movie, making this movie felt like a dud from the start.

9 Fantastic Four’s Behind-the-Scenes Issues Are Bleeding On Screen

Fantastic Four is an intellectual property with infinite potential. Established in 1961 and marking Marvel Comics’ first big hit in the Silver Age, the incredible collection of characters has yet to be properly represented on the big screen. The most egregious of their appearances was in 2015 The Fantastic Four film with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

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Although it might have been doomed, director Josh Trank and Fox clashed for years, which sent the already troubled film through countless reshoots. The end product is nothing short of an insult to the characters.

8 Action Hero Couldn’t Save Punisher


The Punisher is an incredible character. A deep tragedy from his past drives him to seek revenge on those who do wrong. The latest version of him, played by Jon Bernthal for Netflix’s two-season show, is the first truly outstanding and accurate dive into character. The worst version came in 1989 when the studio hired famed action star Dolph Lundgren to play Frank Castle. Although the cast feels good at the moment, nothing about the film lands. Throughout the movie, the acting is poor, the action scenes look silly, and he never wears his iconic skull logo.

7 Dark Phoenix Couldn’t Adapt Comic Book Gold

Few X-Men storylines are more iconic than the Dark Phoenix series, created by writing duo Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne in 1980. It depicts fan-favorite character Jean Gray losing control of the Force. cosmic Phoenix, making her one of the most dangerous adversaries the X-Men have ever seen. While Last Stand of the X-Men groped history in 2006, 2019 dark phoenix is all the more disappointing because it had so much more potential. After fixing so many of the franchise’s cinematic issues in the Incredible X-Men: Days of Future Past, dark phoenix was set up for success, but somehow it always ruined it. The only good thing about this movie is how its failure ensures that the X-Men will soon be properly made within the MCU.

6 Ghost Rider Sequel Got Worse, Not Better

ghost rider movie

Ghost Rider is an undeniably cool character, riding out of hell on a fiery motorcycle to bring justice to sinners. The first time they showed it on screen was in 2007 ghost ridera movie that had a ton of flaws but at least set up its origin quite decently.

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sequel to 2011, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, just had to take that botched start and build on it. Unfortunately, they ruined the franchise’s lackluster success. Leaning into Nicolas Cage’s already unstable acting as Johnny Blaze, the comedic nature of his portrayal went from fun to downright silly. The plot was equally convoluted, and the terrible nature of the project led to Ghost Rider being absent from the big screen for over a decade.

5 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ruined an all-time great villain

Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

The second film in the sympathetic Fantastic Four film franchise of the 2000s, 2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer initially looked amazing as it showed a fan-favorite character, Norrin Radd (aka Silver Surfer) for the first time. Many parts of the film were exciting and well done, but the ending ruined everything. Comic book fans know that Silver Surfer is a herald of Galactus, one of the most powerful villains in the universe that devours entire planets. However, when the time comes to face it, the spectator is only entitled to a cosmic-looking cloud. Obfuscating a Thanos-level threat that everyone was dying to see was the final nail in the coffin for this version of the Fantastic Four.

4 X-Men Origins: Wolverine waded an easy win

Deadpool X-Men Origins Wolverine

Even people who barely watch superhero movies know and love Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. The Fox X-Men movie franchise is full of problems, but Wolverine has always been a bright spot that made everything better. When the studio did a solo effort focused entirely on Wolverine, it seemed like the easiest slam dunk project. It shocked everyone when, upon release, the movie ended up being terrible. Hugh performed well with what he received, as always, but the plot quickly deviated from comic precision. The finale featuring their downright offensive portrayal of “Deadpool” is now cemented as part of the film’s failing history.

3 How can you explain Howard the duck?


Howard the Duck is a fringe Marvel character, to say the least. For some reason, it was the “superhero” Lucasfilm made a movie about in 1986. Starring George Lucas fresh off the smash hit star wars, and other massive talent like Tim Robbins involved, he had the makings of a successful effort that was never realized. Between a ridiculous tone that went from familial to inappropriate in a flash, a lack of commitment to what made the comics interesting, and a poorly designed costume, howard the duck flopped.

2 Hulk couldn’t decide what he wanted to be

The Hulk is a beloved character who debuted in the early 1960s, a time when most of Marvel’s best characters were being created. After 5 years of TV success with The Incredible Hulk a show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as Banner and Hulk respectively, the 2003 film marked his big-screen debut.

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Director Ang Lee has crafted a film with plenty of great moments, from touching scenes between Eric Bana’s Banner and Jennifer Connelly’s Betty Ross to full-scale fight scenes from the Green Monster itself. Unfortunately, the film was confused. There was icy pacing and serious tonal shifts at times, just to abruptly transition into CGI-stuffed action. Unfortunately, the many excellent little pieces of this effort couldn’t come together to create a cohesive end product.

1 Morbius sucks character life

morbius living vampire mcu sony

Michael Morbius was never an incredibly interesting comic book character in the first place, but Sony is doing its best to make smaller characters thrive in their ongoing spinoff projects. Corn Morbius only came out this year, it’s earned all the hate it’s getting. Despite starring Oscar winner Jared Leto in the lead role, the film is a mess from start to finish with a terrible and inconsistent plot, weak CGI, and a lack of purpose. Sony needs to understand that just because they own the IP, they don’t have to make a movie out of it.

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