10 modern horror movies that don’t have a happy ending


The entertainment industry continues to become increasingly enraged and competitive as different forms of media vie for public attention, which has resulted in movies and the film industry an additional level of power. Cinematic experiences can often affect audiences more substantially than disposable television, with the horror genre particularly successful in getting under the collective skin of an audience.

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The experience of being afraid is hard to overcome, and some horror movies are particularly grueling when it comes to a depressing ending that reinforces the nihilistic themes. There are many modern horror films where good triumphs over evil, but the reigning darkness can often leave a greater impact.

ten Heredity is emotional assault from start to finish

Ari Aster is quickly making a name for himself as one of the darkest and most provocative directors working in the horror genre today. Hereditary, Aster’s feature debut is a horror story about possession and manipulative pagan cults, but he’s able to hit as hard as thanks to the raw and fearless performances of his actors, especially Toni Collette. Hereditary is an exercise in creeping dread, which only becomes more oppressive until the last act of the film, where everything is engulfed in darkness. The whole movie is depressing, but the ending doesn’t pull any punches.

9 Halloween Kills allows its Boogeyman to have the last laugh

Halloween kills jamie lee curtis judy greer in hospital

David Gordon Green’s 2018 sequel to John Carpenter’s classic slasher, Halloween, got the franchise back on track with its return to not only Michael Myers, but Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode as well. The success of the project led to two sequelae, and the middle tier, Halloween kills, is a blood business. Halloween kills pits all of Haddonfield against The Shape, but the cold-blooded killer remains victorious. It is quite possible that the concluding chapter, Halloween ends, will come out with a happy ending, but the coda for Halloween kills depicts the heroes in their dismay.

8 Sinister’s Malicious Children Cultivate A Chilling Conclusion

Blumhouse has become the new big name in horror and they are responsible for countless classics over the past two decades. Blumhouse has successfully launched a number of horror franchises, with Sinister being one of their most promising early efforts.

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Sinister is full of very disturbing footage in the form of Super 8 family movies that show children murdering their families. Sinister gets lost slightly as he walks into the supernatural, but at least he doesn’t back down from a powerful conclusion. Bughuul succeeds in his evil plan and it comes as a serious shock.

7 Drag Me To Hell Keeps Its Dark Promise To The Public

Movies Drag Me To Hell Alison Lohman

Sam Raimi has had an incredibly eclectic career as a filmmaker, but the director’s roots go back to schlocky horror films. Raimi has directed huge blockbusters, corn Drag me to hell takes it back to its horror origins with a highly effective riff on curses, revenge, and demonic entities. Raimi embraces the impulses of the B-movies for Drag me to hell but that works in favor of the film. There is a compelling story at play, but Drag me to hell transcends to another level because of its grim conclusion. Christine Brown from Alison Lohman learns that some hellish curses simply cannot be conquered.

6 Suspiria sinks into madness and can’t seem to get out of it

Horror movie Suspiria

The original by Dario Argento Suspiria is a revered horror classic, which sparked early skepticism in the 2018 Luca Guadagnino remake, but the end result is a puzzling horror experience that truly engulfs audiences. Guadagnino’s reinterpretation of Suspiria is full of brutal and heartbreaking imagery, but its gory conclusion is easily the centerpiece of the film. Dakota Johnson’s Susie steps up into Mother Suspiriorum, resulting in a literal bloodbath from those who challenge her power. It’s possible to interpret Susie’s transformation as uplifting and uplifting, but it’s a dark turn.

5 Paranormal Activity 4 lets darkness win

The Paranormal activity the franchise has recently come back to life with Next of kin, the seventh entry in the series, which sets itself apart from the increasingly convoluted mythology of the original films. The Paranormal activity The series are incredibly influential for their use of found-footage storytelling, but they’re also respected for the way nearly every entry in the franchise ends with a depressing dark end.

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More Paranormal activity films would have their place here, but the conclusion in Paranormal activity 4 hits particularly hard and leaves no hope of survival.

4 Presents us a frightening vision of a fractured future

Lupita Nyong'o with us

Jordan Peele has made huge waves in the horror genre and while Get out often gets more attention than his follow-up film, We, the latter is the more disturbing of the two stories. The idea of ​​vengeful doppelgangers entering the world to retrieve what they believe is theirs is absolutely frightening. The conclusion to We is so powerful because it allows the audience to fill in the blanks on what happens next. We comes out on a depressing note that describes the future as a time when everyone’s doubles will have the chance to thrive above the ground.

3 Final Destination 5 proves death can’t be escaped

The Final destination the franchise is surprisingly cohesive, and there is a complex mythology established throughout the five-movie franchise. The central premise involves death trying to rebalance the scales after a group of people seemingly escape their untimely fate. As a result, most movies end in a grim way where death succeeds and proves it cannot be passed. Final destination 5 has a particularly gloomy conclusion since she first teases the possibility of happiness, only for brilliantly link its conclusion with the plane crash catalyst from the first film.

2 Spiral: From the saw book leaves its benefactors in doubt

chris rock spiral saw

The Seen the franchise is one of the greatest modern horror phenomena. Seen builds a surprisingly deep continuity across nine films, but they often end with a series of twists and turns that result in the heroes being lost, much like the very first movie. Spiral: From the Book of Saw, try to do new things with the horror property, but it is true to the roots of the series when it comes to the ending. The clever killer takes over and continues his morbid style of retaliation.

1 Cabin in the woods turns into a ruined world after its genre extravaganza

The characters of the cabin in the woods

The cabin in the woods is the extremely rare horror film ‘Lightning in a Bottle’ which is a clever and passionate love letter to the genre. Cabin in the woods regularly subverts expectations with its deconstruction of the artificial storylines that fuel horror movies. There is so much fun in having fun with the endless supernatural obstacles that are unleashed and the film bravely embraces an end of utter doom. There is a level of acceptance that is reached at the end of Cabin in the woods, but it leaves the world in ruins and beyond all safeguard.

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