10 Movies That Completely Ignore Their Source Material, According To Reddit


Literary adaptations have always been a popular starting point for films, but Where the Crawdads sing is one of the few examples that proves that changes from the book can actually make a movie great. But at the same time, too many diversions from the source material can ruin the movie for dedicated book fans.

It’s a tricky balance to master, but fans on Reddit have started sharing their thoughts on some films that, sadly, are completely wrong. Although these creative freedoms have led to great disappointments like The dark towerothers like children of men benefited from it.


The Dark Tower (2017)

by Stephen King dark tower The series remains one of the maker’s major accomplishments even today, but many fans were completely baffled by the number of creative changes made to the 2017 adaptation. Not only did he try to put together a series whole in one movie, but he did it with very little concern for staying true to King’s text.

Redditor Brokenpedley comments on the changes, writing that “The dark tower the film is a train wreck compared to the book, they really have very little rights, if any at all. The casting went well, the story was really different in all the worst aspects.”

Blade Runner (1982)

Many viewers may not have known blade runner is a book adaptation, but Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi is actually based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick. And although the two projects revolve around the same story, their presentations are completely different.

Reddit user Artaig says, “Sometimes the book and the movie need to be about different things, but you need good people behind it.” In other words, it’s okay to change things up for a book adaptation, as long as those changes are made in pursuit of a more engaging film.

Jumanji (1995)

Although Robin Williams was considered one of the most versatile actors of his time, and Jumanji was considered one of his best and most inventive films of all time, there are still a lot of aspects of the film that neglect the source material quite heavily.

The movie takes a lot of creative liberties when it comes to the plot, and while those mostly work in the story’s favor, there’s no denying that these are pretty major changes. Redditor crazy_employ8617 notes it, saying “there has never been a Jumanji movie something like the book.”

I Am Legend (2007)

I’m a legend is a film that became famous for its emotional and memorable conclusion, but many fans of the book will recall that things were very different in Richard Matheson’s original novel. The film took the story in a completely different direction, missing what many fans consider the main storyline.

Redditor gruppet agrees, writing, “They missed/changed THE ENTIRE POINT of the book. It was so weird because it would have made such a cool twist and satisfying ending to another vampire movie.” Many fans share the same sentiment, disappointed with the film’s inability to accurately convey the meaning of the story.

The Shining (1980)

Although Kubrick The brilliant is widely considered one of the best horror films ever made, many Stephen King fans take issue with the success of the classic film. As many horror fans have pointed out over the years, the film makes some serious narrative changes to King’s original story.

Redditor 5th_law_of_roboticks writes: “The brilliant is odd because in some ways it differs hugely from the book (the whole 3rd act of the movie is completely different from how the book ends), but in other ways it’s a surprisingly close adaptation.”

Children of Men (2006)

Even nearly 20 years later, children of men is still considered one of the best modern science fiction films of all time. But while moviegoers were won over by Lubezki’s cinematography and Cuaron’s direction, fans of the book criticized the film’s many narrative changes.

However, other people praise children of menThe story changes, arguing that the movie actually solved some of the book’s many problems. One such person is Reddit user tilston, who thinks ‘The Children Of Men’ is “a terrible book that inspired one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever made.”

World War Z (2013)

With regard to “creative freedoms”, the World War Z The film takes the concept a bit too far. Fans of the original book consistently criticized the film for changing much of the plot, style, and even story structure. In many ways, the two projects are completely separate from each other.

Reddit user Hirasmas writes, “The movie is just a zombie action flick telling the story of Brad Pitt. The novel is a series of interviews and reminiscences about how various people at different locations handled the zombie uprising. The one thing the movie and the novel have in common is that it’s basically zombies.”

Forrest Gump (1994)

Again, many people will be unaware that Forrest Gump was adapted from a book in the first place, but that might not be a bad thing here. Many people believe that Forrest Gump shows exactly when narrative changes are really needed, with the film correcting many of the book’s flaws.

One of the main concerns with the book was that Forrest wasn’t a particularly likable character, so that obviously had to be changed in order to make Forrest Gump one of Tom Hanks best movies to date. Redditor casty201 writes: “The book was all over the place but the movie really fixed the holes the book had.”

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2010)

The film adaptations of Percy Jackson The franchise has long been considered one of the worst examples of book-to-screen translation. Not only does the first movie completely change the central conflict of the book, it also introduces all of the characters in a totally different way to Riordan’s original story.

These narrative changes caused a lot of uproar among Percy Jackson fans at the time, and many of them are still rightly mad about them today. Redditor drama_dare4306 comments on one of the bigger changes: “I still can’t figure them out by completing the first movie’s goal of getting the pearls. Poseidon gives [Percy] pearls ! It literally takes five seconds.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

The Harry Potter the movies are often hailed as some of the most accurate book adaptations ever made, and that’s certainly true of the series as a whole. But, as many fans have noted over the years, Goblet of Fire departs quite sharply from the content and tone of Rowling’s novel.

The Goblet of Fire the film is full of teenage drama and unnecessary schoolyard conflict, while the book has much higher stakes and intense storylines. One Redditor sums it up perfectly, writing: “[Goblet of Fire] was my favorite book in the series, and my least favorite movie.”

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