10 Songs That Mention Popular TV Shows And Movies


What do you get when you combine the Hot 100 with TV and box office bests? Most likely, a rock song with truly memorable lyrics. For decades, bands and musicians have added nods to their favorite TV shows and movies into their music.

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Whether it’s a fun pun using movie titles or loudly chanting the name of the show your girlfriend is starring in, this is a trend for the ages that will have you singing along. your favorite TV shows and movies. More than one songwriter mentioned Office, while two other namedrop Psycho. From Michael Scott to Norman Bates, here are some of our favorite nods to film and TV.

New neighborhood kids sing Grey’s Anatomy

New Kids On The Block

You might think New Kids On The Block – the 90s boy band that had it successful acting gigs – would pay homage to one of their hit shows in a song, like Donnie Wahlberg appearances on Blue blood Where Joey McIntyre The McCarthys. But it was their 2008 comeback album that featured a song that screams one of the hottest medical shows on TV – Grey’s Anatomy.

“2 a.m.” tells the story of a countdown to a relationship and winks at Grey’s and its timeslot with the lyrics, “Girl, it’s almost ten, I need to know if you’re mad at me, before Grey’s Anatomy, because we could drag this out all night.”


Justin Timberlake sings about sex and the city

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake to sing sex and the city is about as late 90s/early 2000s as it gets. And in a song from his second album, the former N*SYNC member does just that.

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In the 2006 hit “Chop Me Up,” Timberlake croons, “So grab your friends and take it home, let’s watch sex and the city Where Desperate Housewives,” also giving a shout to prime time drama Desperate wives.

Weezer sings Titanic


Alternative rock band Weezer are known for reference popular movies in their music, and in their 2009 single “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”, they sing about Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet classic.

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“The rest of the summer was the best we’ve ever had, we’ve watched Titanic and it didn’t make us sad,” Weezer sings in their chart on young love.

Lady GaGa sings Psycho, Vertigo, and rear window

Lady Gaga

Before Lady Gaga join the list of singers to hit the big screen, she was singing about it. “Bad Romance,” all about GaGa’s struggles with romance, references not just one, but three well-known films in two lyrics.

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When GaGa sings “I want your psycho, your vertigo schtick, Want you in my rear window”, the use of those specific words was intentional, because Psycho, Vertigo, and rear window are all Alfred Hitchcock movies.

David Archuleta sings about Office

David Archuleta

Not only by David Archuleta hit “Ok, All Right” tackles the struggle between debilitating negativity and positive thinking with its upbeat tune and hopeful mantra, but the lyrics also include a shout-out to one of the singer’s favorite shows.

Before the song even reaches the chorus, Archuleta thanks Office for the company with the lyrics, “Some nights the TV’s on just so I don’t feel lonely, which Office episode should I choose?”

AJR sings about Office


This song by the indie band of brothers is one of the most intriguing because, although it never once says “Office” in the lyrics, the whole song is about the popular show. AJR’s “Netflix Trip” was rewritten when Office to be found on the streaming platform.

Member of the AJR ryan met wrote the song about his favorite TV show and how characters like Michael, Dwight and Jim all contributed to its growth with lyrics like “The one where Dwight became the sales manager, my 8th grade graduation m wished good luck.”

The Jonas Brothers sing game of thrones

Jonas Brothers

In one of the Jonas Brothers’ comeback tracks titled “Cool,” not only do they nod to game of thrones, but they sing the show for a very special reason.

The lyrics, “Sitting there, winning like it’s game of thrones,” which is sung by Joe Jonaswas written as a clear shout out to Joe’s now wife Sophie Turnerwho starred in HBO’s fantasy as Sansa Stark for its eight seasons.

Kanye West raps about Snakes on a plane

Kanye West

the Kanye West song featuring T-Pain titled “Good Life” – though full of innuendo – also references the 2006 Samuel L. Jackson movie Snakes on an airplane.

The lyrics are about sipping champagne and having sex on a plane, but when it comes time to canoodle, the woman says, “I’ve never seen snakes on a plane,” referring less to the movie and more to, well, Kanye.

Michael Jackson sings about Happy Days

michael jackson

Written in the city, it is titled after, michael jackson 1995 “Stranger in Moscow” is about the King of Pop’s pleas for compassion and understanding from the media after being scrutinized for his scandals.

“Happy days will drown out the pain, over and over,” the singer says, using the 1970s sitcom’s title as a pun for literally happier days to come.

Billy Joel sings about everything

Billy Joel

In at Billy Joel Grammy-nominated song “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, the singer drops many names, places, objects, TV shows and movie titles.

In the 1989 hit, Joel mentions Disney’s Peter Pan and Davy Crocket, by Alfred Hitchcock psychology, the oscar winner The bridge over the River Kwai, and popular game show Wheel of Fortune, Just to name a few.

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