10 totally different movie duos that can actually be hooked up (according to fan theories)


It’s always fun when passionate fans go wild with theories from their favorite movies. It’s especially interesting when they manage to find clever ways that two seemingly separate films can actually be connected in surprising ways.

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These theories can relate to two movie characters who at first glance seem unrelated. But by examining the facts of each of them and their traits with their respective films, fans may discover unlikely but still plausible ways these characters share more than they seem.

ten Willy Wonka and the Inventor – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) / Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Image shared Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and inventor (Vincent Price) Edward Scissorhands

At Tim Burton Edward Scissorhands, the unnamed inventor creates the titular Edward. However, a fan theory points out that the blueprints the inventor was using show that he started out as a cookie factory robot.

This led some to believe that the inventor is in fact an elderly Willy Wonka. The theory suggests that after Wonka abandoned his own factory, he sought to create his own child with one of his factory robots.

9 Pinocchio and the Donkey – Pinocchio (1940) / Shrek (2001)

Split image Donkey ears Pinocchio and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) Shrek

The donkey is perhaps the most memorable character of the Shrek series that intelligently plays on classic fairy tales. However, some fans believe that Donkey might actually be related to one of those famous fairy tales.

One of the scariest scenes in the Disney version of Pinocchio finds the titular wooden doll trapped on an island where young boys are turned into donkeys to use for labor. The theory suggests Donkey is one of those boys who got away.

8 Sam Loomis & Dr Sam Loomis – Psycho (1960) / Halloween (1978)

Shared image Sam Loomis in Psycho and Dr Loomis in Halloween

Although most people only remember Marion Crane and Norman Bates from psychopath, there are other key figures. One of them is Sam Loomis, Marion’s boyfriend who goes looking for her after her disappearance and he ultimately helps apprehend her killer.

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A theory proposes the possibility that this experience led Sam to pursue a career in criminal psychology. He went on to become Dr. Sam Loomis and eventually was the chief psychiatrist of a young killer named Michael Myers.

7 Victor Frankenstein & Jack Skellington – Frankenweenie (2012) / The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Split image Victor and Sparky in Frankenweenie and Jack Skellington Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s films often have a similar aesthetic, but some of his films might be more closely related than fans realize. His animated film Frankenweenie tells the story of a young boy who conducts an experiment to bring his beloved dog back to life.

In The nightmare before Christmas, Jack Skellington has a beloved ghost dog by his side. This has led fans to believe this is the same boy and his pet who now live in the afterlife.

6 Charlie Bucket & Wilford – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) / Snowpiercer (2013)

Split image Charlie as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Wilford as Snowpiercer

Actually Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory inspired some theories. This one focuses on how the fun and colorful musical connects to the dark and violent post-apocalyptic sci-fi film, Snowdrops.

the theory emphasizes that both films are about class inequality and feature characters making their way through the unique setting while encountering various dangers along the way. A person who came to the end and found out was quite a test worked out by the eccentric inventor. The theory further states that Snowpiercer inventor Wilford is actually an adult Charlie Bucket who built the train and followed in his mentor’s footsteps.

5 Harry Caul & Brill – The Conversation (1974) / Enemy of the State (1998)

enemy of the state conversation hackman gene

Francis Ford Coppola The conversation is a masterful paranoia film starring Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert who accidentally overhears a murder plot. At the end of the film, he is overcome with the paranoia that he is being watched.

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Decades later, Hackman appeared in Enemy of the State in which he played another surveillance expert living off-grid who helps Will Smith after accidentally uncovering a thug assassination. Many fans have decided that both Hackman characters are the same man.

4 Neo & John Wick – The Matrix (1999) / John Wick (2014)

Image shared Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix and John Wick

Both The matrix and John wick Franchises have helped cement Keanu Reeves’ legacy as an action movie icon. But some fans believe these films could be related beyond the main star.

Theory is watching the fact that The matrix, Neo is introduced to training simulations to help him become a warrior. Therefore, it is believed that the John wick movies can be one of those simulations that explain the high level of violence and destruction that the rest of the city seems to ignore.

3 James Bond & John Mason – Dr No (1962) / The Rock (1996)

Shared image Sean Connery James Bond and The Rock

Michael bay The rock stars Sean Connery as a former spy who has been captured by the Americans and locked up in Alcatraz prison for years. He has the option of being freed if he helps return to Alcatraz to take down the terrorists who have taken him over.

Given the spy background and Connery playing another badass action hero, many fans have decided that his John Mason character is actually 007 himself, James Bond. Consider this movie as Connery’s latest adventure as Bond makes it even more fun.

2 Chuckie Sullivan & Doug McReady – Good Will Hunting (1997) / The Town (2010)

Image shared Ben Affleck as Chuckie Good Will Hunting and Doug in The Town

In Goodwill hunting, Ben Affleck plays Chuckie, the best friend of Will (Matt Damon). In one of the movie’s best moments, Chuckie admits he’s hoping that one day Will just leave Boston without a word and move on to better things. At the end of the movie, that’s exactly what he does.

Some fans think that Affleck character from another great movie, The city, that’s what happened to Chuckie after his best friend left. Also located in Boston, Affleck plays a blue-collar criminal who seeks to escape his life in that city, perhaps by doing what he saw his friend do years ago.

1 Kevin McAllister & John Kramer – Home Alone (1990) / Saw (2004)

Image shared Kevin in Home Alone and John Kramer aka Jigsaw in Saw

In the Christmas classic Alone at home, young Kevin McAllister defends his home from intruders with a variety of traps. As the audience laughed as this young child took down these so-called criminals, what if Kevin’s passion for setting traps went too far?

This very interesting theory suggests that Kevin would someday become Jigsaw’s killer. His clumsy yet dangerous traps evolved into those gruesome and brutal traps that Jigsaw became known for.

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