5 illustration books to accompany your children during the summer holidays



New Delhi – Pictures are amazing things because they can take young minds on a pictorial journey. Children’s books would not be the same without illustrations, as they help facilitate the imagination of the child and allow him to fully understand the story even before reading it.

Now imagine that your child has their personalized storybook. Studies indicate that when children see themselves in a story, it has a profound effect on their literacy and language development. This allows them to be confident and enthusiastic readers for life.

So today we present to you the top 5 personalized books based on illustrations that your children should definitely indulge in:

The Unusual Adventures of a Brave Explorer Merlinwand

The story of a carefree child who craves extraordinary and exciting journeys continues in a fruitful, mission-filled and courageous journey from a quaint Indian village to different parts of the world. Children crave adventure and want to be different from the herd. The most fascinating part is yet to come when you can customize the book and choose 3 locations to explore from Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, Mongolia, Bolivia and Western Ghats!

Priced at Rs 1,999/- Available on Merlinwand

Princess you tall by Wonderbly

A little princess or a little prince has been invited to the palace to commemorate someone special – but who could it be? On their way, they will meet many mysterious creatures that need their help and understand what makes a true champion.

At Wonderbly, you can put a child’s name and watch them grow into a brave and kind hero. Choose their identity and dress them in the finest clothes fit for a king. Choose a cover color from four majestic choices. And write your message on the very first page.

Priced at Rs 2,499/- Available on Wonderbly

My name Bookyboo by Bookboo a book about you

The story is constructed to instill confidence in the child, as well as the life values ​​of compassion, courage and love to delve new places. It’s a personalized storybook based on the letters of a name by a brand named Bookboo. Where you make a child the hero who uncovers mysterious clues to treasure across India. Watch the excitement at discovering the clues add up to his name! Intended to instill the core values ​​of dignity, kindness and courage.

At the price of Rs 1275/- Available on Bookboo

The personalized activity book “Siblings Edition”! By Elemeno

Move over look-alike clothes. We have identical activity books! Built as an exploration between you and your brother, Elemeno’s activity books are a family favorite! They’re also travel-friendly, extremely personalized, and interactive enough to avoid all sorts of tantrums! The activity book is personalized with the child’s name, family members and relationships through certain activities.

Their books have a wide range of activities spread across six different topics. One of these topics includes sibling (or family members) and is your child’s mini-adventure!

Priced at Rs. 500/- Available on Elemeno

Personalized Unicorn Book by Oh! My name

To discover his Unicorn, the child went on a journey, to do all that he could become, He finally settled down… not only his Unicorn, but something else too, something new that he had never had previously known.

At Oh! My name, on the front page, we post your personalized statement for you to treasure the book as a keepsake for years to come, for example: “You are as magical as the unicorn.” – Love, mom and dad”.

Priced at Rs. 699/- Available on Oh! My name (IANS)


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