6 movies for fans of Resident Evil Village


The aesthetic of Resident Evil Village is hard to match, but those movies, from Blade 2 to cult hits like The Ritual, can scratch that itch.

Resident Evil Village is another breath of fresh air for fans who have grown weary of the cramped environment of Raccoon City. With the return of exhausted man Ethan Winters and his new trials in a timeless gothic European village, the game may leave fans wanting more. Here are a few movies that capture some of the cult, wizarding vibes loved by fans, though there is still no substitute for Lady Dimitrescu’s charms.


Ari Aster’s groundbreaking film might be just another nightmare for one resident Evil protagonist. The 2018 horror drama leaves the Graham family in the grip of their late matriarch, and Annie (Toni Collette) fights to protect her children from the cult secrets that drove her predecessors to insanity. Blood is scarce but shocking, and the demonic revelations that tear Annie’s family apart are some of the best twists of the genre. A formidable film in its own right, the hidden presence of evil from another world makes Hereditary perfect for resident Evil Fans.

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The ritual

A cult icon seen in the cult horror film The Ritual.

2017 The ritual has been overlooked and underestimated by critics. Sold to Netflix, the film is an initially underrated story about the survivor’s guilt and toxic masculinity. Four friends hike in the Swedish mountains, in tribute to a fifth who died in a theft from a liquor store that one of them witnessed. As the group pulls away from the trail, they begin to find clues that suggest someone is still living in the deep forest, and not everything they worshiped is in everything the modern world wants to know. Mother Miranda would approve of the small village that was eventually discovered, and the climax is just as improvised and desperate as Ethan’s previous struggle in the Louisiana Bayou.

Blade 2

Guillermo Del Toro's modified vampires in Blade 2.

Guillermo Del Toro’s eerie frolics through the bloody underworld of genetically engineered vampires is the kind of movie resident EvilAlbert Wesker would take notes. The Bloodpack, led by Ron Perlman, a frequent Del Toro collaborator, is a violent counterpart to Chris Redfield’s new anti-Umbrella team. Both were born out of once enemy forces and uncomfortable allies for their protagonists. Blade 2The plot stumbles at times and the CGI effects haven’t aged as well as Del Toro’s intricate creature effects, but it’s still a high-octane journey through the secret societies hidden behind everyday life. .

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Soldier dogs

This cult from 2002 pits British soldiers against a pack of werewolves living in the Scottish Highlands. Violent and funny at the same time, things quickly turn hairy when the British troop discover the mutilated remains of the elite team of SAS men they were supposed to train against. The plot offers twists, turns, and cruel betrayals, as well as a perfect understanding of classic werewolf tropes and weaknesses. All the soldiers have to do is survive until dawn, but even that might be too hard to wait, especially when one of their enemies is already among them – a familiar trick for them. resident Evil devotees.

The wicker man

The classic shot of the wicker man on fire.

This 1973 classic remains the benchmark for stories about the dangerous beauty behind occult traditions and sectarian devotion, paving the way for everything from Hot Fuzz at Ari Aster’s horrible second shot Middle. Christopher Lee’s Lord Summerisle is the heart and soul of the Secret Village, and it is his actions that summon a naive constable to his island kingdom to search for a missing girl named Rowan. Deceptively slow and beautiful, and even sometimes classified as a musical, The wicker man is not only a must-see horror film, but a useful study for RE fans on how his villains can attract so many willing allies to their side.

The brood

The Scary Children of David Cronenberg in The Brood.

The 1979 David Cronenberg film The brood is one of the first examples of his body horror art, mixing monstrous science and deeply damaged psyche. For fans invested in the complex and often abusive family Ethan has had to contend with in the Baker Clan, Frank and Nola’s broken relationship will sound familiar to you. Body horror and shattered lives are all Town. Nola is entrusted to experimental psychotherapist Hal Raglan, who is the pioneer of so-called psychoplasmics. Raglan’s mind’s results on the processing of matter are only disturbing at first but ultimately prove to be the kind of painful brain-painful body horror that is a staple. resident Evilthe bosses. As The wicker man, the movie is slow, but that only makes the occasional punch even harder.

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