7 best new movies streaming this week on Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video (July 4-9)


We’ve found the 7 best new movies to watch online while you nurse your holiday weekend hangover. And it all starts with a movie coming out this weekend (which was not included in the previous edition of this column) on Prime Video.

Yes, the House of Gucci led by Lady Gaga is finally on one of the best streaming services. A story of ambition, betrayal and adjustments (both in style and outrage), House of Gucci no longer requires purchase or rental fees. Meanwhile, a Johnny Depp movie that may remind you of the actor’s best works is coming to Hulu.

That said, this week mostly belongs to Netflix Original movies. A true crime documentary set in a chilling and mysterious photo of what appears to be a father and daughter kicks things off. Next, we have a high school story of a couple trying to buck the inevitable trend that has cursed many before them. Moving on to college, Netflix also has the latest version of Dangerous Liaisons.

Elsewhere on Netflix, a Taiwanese horror flick looks like a winner, and a family-friendly animated flick features some big names on the high seas. If that’s not enough for you, check out our list of 9 new movies and shows to watch this weekend. -end. And you can fill your calendar with all 17 new movies and shows to watch in July 2022 on all the top streamers.

Gucci House (Prime Video)

Say it with us now: “father, son and Gucci house”. The famous line, which turned out to be improvised by Lady Gaga herself, may be all you really know about the movie House of Gucci. Luckily, this film, originally released in November 2021 during awards season, is finally on a streaming service.

The film sees Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga), a woman in awe of the Gucci fashion family, getting married there by marrying Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). His interactions with this family and his ambition lead to total chaos. Based on people we know who watched the movie, you might think the actors had different ideas about what director Ridley Scott wanted. Gaga is sincere, Jared Leto and Al Pacino turn to comedy, and Driver acts like he’s in Succession.

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Girl in the photo (Netflix)

It’s been ages since Netflix revived its true crime engines, and Girl in the Picture seems like a must watch for this once overserved audience. The story begins with a very special photo, of looks like a man and his daughter, where the latter looks completely miserable and on the verge of tears. It doesn’t look very stable either.

Trying to find out who the girl in the photo was – Sharon Marshall – and where she went, became a very complicated business. It all starts with the man in the image, Franklin Floyd, a fugitive on the run after robbing banks. By Skye Borgman (Abducted in Plain Sight and Dead Asleep).

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Hello, Goodbye and Everything (Netflix)

High school romances are seemingly designed to fail, as college always has a tendency to knock on doors and break up even the dearest star-crossed lovers. Clare (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (Jordan Fisher), the main characters of Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, know this. They enter the film with the intention of separating amicably, with a last date.

The film, from the producers of To All The Boys, traces their final date, which finds them recounting the greatest moments of their relationship. Naturally, this leads to frustration, as Aidan states that he loves Clare and doesn’t want to part ways. So, will they really finish high school on good terms?

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Dangerous Liaisons (Netflix)

Is there a law that someone has to create a new dangerous affair every ten or two decades? Yes, for those who love the story from its roots, or the popular film Cruel Intentions, or who have simply never heard this tale before, Netflix is ​​bringing this tale back to its young audience.

This time, the victim in the center is Célène (Paola Locatelli), who may be in a relationship, but who falls in love with a handsome surfer named Tristan (Simon Rérolle). And just when things are starting to look up, as you might have guessed, she learns that all is not as it seems, as Tristan and school Instagram queen Vanessa ( Ella Pellegrini) are in cahoots in a malevolent emotional chess game.

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Minamata (Hulu)

Nowadays, the mention of Johnny Depp stirs up a lot of (often deserved) emotion these days. Minimata, his last film, would have (opens in a new tab) reminds some why they saw the actor in a better light. Depp plays real-life photographer W. Eugene Smith, famous for his photo essays published in Life magazine.

Later in life, Smith becomes reclusive, but a Japanese translator named Aileen (Minami) tricks him into visiting the city of Minamata in Japan. Citizens are suffering from what appears to be mercury poisoning, and it seems only Smith’s work can help bring this tragedy to public consciousness. In doing so, Smith uncovers a case of massive corporate greed, linked to those in power.

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Incantation (Netflix)

No matter how hellish reality gets, horror lovers always need more. And Netflix is ​​more than willing to do a favor this week by delivering Incantation, a Taiwanese blockbuster that will remind audiences of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity with its found footage and on-camera fourth-wall-breaking speech.

It stars Tsai Hsuan-yen as Li Ruo-nan, who is still dealing with the ramifications of a religious curse placed on her six years ago. Her daughter is also in danger, as the trailer above shows the two trying to survive together. Supposedly based on a true story.

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The Beast from the Sea (Netflix)

Netflix’s next family bet to rival Disney Plus is the adorable The Sea Beast – an ocean adventure that sounds like a hoot. And not only does it come from director Chris Williams (who has Moana and Big Hero 6 under his belt), but it features two smart casting decisions that will inspire parents to watch it with their kids.

While the film’s star is ostensibly a kid named Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator), who is hiding on a boat, this film may belong to Karl Urban (The Boys), who plays Jacob, the monster hunter who now has to s take care of Maisie. Scenes will also eventually be stolen by Jared Harris (Mad Men), who voices Captain Crow.

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