7 Movies You Didn’t Know Have Direct-to-Video Sequels


These days, sequels and reboots are all the rage. They usually end up making a decent amount of money and hitting theaters. Sometimes there are sequels that go straight to streaming, but even those can turn out to be okay. However, there was a time when some sequels went straight to the video store.

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For those old enough to remember, seeing a sequel you never knew existed in a store or, even worse, in the 99-cent trash can, would elicit laughs. The novelty would be enough to justify a purchase or a rental, and a visit to the house. These were mostly below average, but some films could surprise audiences and make them wonder why they weren’t released in theaters. The films on this list are not necessarily classics. Instead, their existence is unexpected, since most people had no idea that sequels were released.

seven Honey, we’ve shrunk

darling we have shrunk

First, this poor doctor shrunk his children. Then he detonated one of them. Luckily, in this case, exploding means expanding them until they’re over 100 feet tall. The third title in the series ended up heading straight to video and was called Honey, we’ve shrunk.

There’s not much of interest here for those who missed it, although most of the original cast returns, including Rick Moranis. It was the actor’s last live-action before retiring, after some voice-overs. However, it’s set to return in a reboot, which is set to shoot in 2022.


6 American Psycho 2

american psychopath 2

It’s weird even to know a American Psycho 2 exist. After all, what else is there to do with the concept of the original film? Apparently it was to make Mila Kunis the main character. It was released in 2002, so Mila Kunis was already well known for her role in That 70s show.

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It started out as an unrelated thriller American Psycho, until it was decided, for some reason, to throw Patrick Bateman’s character into the mix early on (not played by Christian Bale). The whole plot doesn’t even make sense to those who remember it American psycho parcel. Perhaps it would have been better if he had remained unrelated to American psycho, but it is better to forget that this film ever existed. Mila Kunis herself disowned him.

5 Baby 2

Bambi 2 movie 2006

Disney was particularly obsessed with sequels in the 1990s and early 2000s. Most of them were forgettable direct-to-video fare. It’s both funny and sad to see a Baby 2 among these, but it exists nonetheless. On the one hand, it’s kind of ridiculous for a sequel to come out more than 60 years after the original. Second, it’s terribly daring to try and make a sequel to what’s considered one of the greatest animated films ever made.

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The movie isn’t ridiculously bad, but it’s nothing special either. The world wouldn’t be different if Baby 2 Never existed. These days, Disney remakes and sequels are often better received and hit theaters often.

4 So many sequels to The Land Before Time

land before 13 hour

The land before time is a 1988 animated fantasy film. It starts out beautifully tragic, but ends with hope and all the characters in the right place. It was a beautiful movie perfect for dinosaur-obsessed kids, and one the whole family could enjoy too.

Obviously, there was no other logical thing to do than to do no less than 13 direct-to-video sequels through 2016. There’s also a TV show, so The land before time fans have plenty of content to browse.

3 S. Darko

the dark movie of 2009

Donnie Darko is a cult classic that has people talking today with its eerie narrative and confusing finale. S. Darko was the sequel that didn’t need to happen and features no creative input from the original director or producers.

The film features Donnie’s sister as she experiences similar visions and solves her own mystery. Rather than this movie, fans should just watch Donnie Darko again, as there is plenty of content and nuance to warrant multiple viewings. People might just need to watch it to wash away the taste of S. Darko out of their mouth.

2 Showgirls 2

showgirls 2 penny from heaven

Part of Showgirls appeal is in its sincerity. Audience reaction wasn’t what the creators wanted, but it had a longer shelf life than most 90s films, and that alone is something to be proud of.

Showgirls 2, on the other hand, was a crowdfunded project by Rena Riffel who funded it through Kickstarter. To say it looks like a home movie would be putting it kindly. It tries to play on the sensibilities of the first movie’s camp, but being self-aware isn’t always a good thing.

1 Tremors 2

tremors 2

The first one Tremors is a classic horror film that can be revisited over and over again thanks to its catchy dialogue, performance, and handy creature effects. It was a box office failure that became more popular through home video.

As such, it made sense for a sequel to go straight to VHS. Tremors 2 might have the stigma of being a direct-to-video sequel, but it’s way better than the label implies. It’s a worthy sequel to the first film with a similar charm. Future sequels would only see diminishing returns, though Michael Gross stars as Burt Gummer in all of them.

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