‘America’s Got Talent’: Berklee College of Music student Kieran Rhodes performs original song about battling depression


Kieran Rhodes wowed the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges with his Tuesday night performance of his original song “Disengage”, which chronicles the Berklee College of Music student’s battles with depression.

Originally, Rhodes was to perform a song by Billy Joel, but judge Simon Cowell requested an original song instead. Instead, Rhodes performed her song about her personal mental health issues. Rhodes wrote the play as a way to solve his problems.

“Soon she’ll be gone/She’ll pack up and run/And you can’t stop her/She’s a real obstacle/But you’ll have to jump over it,” Rhodes sang.

His performance ended with a series of “yes” from the judges. They were so impressed that they even stood up.

“It was unbelievable. It was spectacular. I could feel the emotion,” said judge Howie Mandel, “I could tell you were nervous, but you’re a star young man!”

Rhodes’ performance even prompted Simon Cowell to open up. The song made the judge reflect on his early experience in the music business. Cowell said he would be mocked by other boys for working in the mailroom. It’s a moment that still lingers in his mind to this day, he said.

“You know it’s playing in your mind and you’re depressed, but I didn’t have the talent you have,” Cowell said. “Because you are a great singer. I really liked your original song. I really hope this audition can change your life.

As for the next step in Rhodes’ musical journey, he’s now working on original music and reviewing his songs to see which one is best to perform next.

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