Angel Hernandez botches 9th inning call, Twins fans furious


Minnesota Twins fans are feeling robbed this morning after MLB umpire Angel Hernandez botched a call on line drive Byron Buxton in the ninth inning of their loss to the Texas Rangers.

The Twins entered the ninth inning 6-5 when Buxton threw a screaming one-liner on the third base line. Josh Smith blew up the understudy and tried to make a rushing throw to the first, but Hernandez bailed him out and ruled it a foul ball.

Upon closer examination, Buxton’s liner bounced off the chalk from the third base line, which, as a rule of thumb, is a fair ball.

If it had been deemed fair, Buxton would have at least been the first to lead the 9th. In fact, the Twins went 1-2-3 to give Rangers the win.

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Hernandez is arguably baseball’s most controversial umpire, regularly drawing the ire of fans for his questionable strike zones and calls.

Unfortunately for the Twins, such appeals are not reviewable, which left everyone screaming into the void.

In case you were wondering why it wasn’t just Twins fans who argued during the call, it’s because Hernandez is one of baseball’s biggest villains.

Hernandez has built a reputation as one of the league’s worst umpires and even filed a discrimination lawsuit against MLB because he hadn’t been selected to a World Series since 2005, alleging he was because of his Cuban heritage.


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