Another European country to ban LGBTQ content like literature, ads


After nearly a decade of denouncing the 2013 Russian law on “gay propaganda”, Hungary is preparing to legislate the same for its country.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban will lead his nationalist party Fidesz in next year’s elections and they will campaign on traditional Hungarian values.

The proposed ban on LGBTQ material aimed at youth and young adults, such as books, brochures, cartoons and advertising, is part of this campaign.

He proposes that any material promoting LGBTQ identities and gender affirming interventions be illegal.

Even more offensive to LGBTQ people is that the proposal is a subset of a larger bill that punishes pedophilia.

Budapest Pride, one of Hungary’s leading LGBTQ civil rights organizations, protests the bill as an affront to democratic values ​​such as freedom of speech and expression.

President Joe Biden, currently traveling to Europe for the G7 summit of wealthy, influential and industrialized nations, has been invited by groups like Budapest Pride to advocate for LGBTQ rights in Europe and against this legislation.

Polish sexual minority advocates are also asking Biden the same, as the nation faces increased violence against LGBTQ people and its own homophobic and transphobic laws.


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