Author Akshay Kumar, the most talked about personality in the literature industry who delivered another bestseller, A WAY


Akshay Kumar, the author, is now on a roll. He has been reported around the world since he started publishing novels. A computer scientist turned novelist has only published two books so far, but his work has captivated audiences. People have been wowed by his stories to the max and have praised his writing style, which they describe as both simple and distinctive. With her first book, WITHYOU, Akshay launched her writing career. It surprised family and friends with it, and it quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list and grabbed everyone’s attention. In all regions, book sales reached a record level. Akshay rose to fame overnight thanks to the book, which was even marketed in many countries.

A story about dreams and their meaning can be found in the acclaimed novel WITHYOU. It centers around love, joy, giving up things for others, broken hearts, betrayals, and many other emotions. People loved the book and demanded a sequel because it was so well crafted. After being stunned by the response, Akshay took some time to write the sequel A WAY, which has just been made available on Amazon. Akshay received lots of cheers and applause from readers for her great performance in the book. Even so, they called it a masterpiece. It was widely shared and garnered a ton of love and admiration from readers.

With such a strong response, the book quickly rose to the top of the Indian market and caught everyone’s interest. Even more than 20 countries bought the book, which also became the best-selling book in Indian local markets. People bought the book in record numbers and were won over by its writing. A WAY, a book about hope and faith, turned out to be a truly unique tale that made Akshay very popular with readers. His unique storytelling approach is what audiences preferred. A WAY is currently one of the most popular books in the Indian market and is available in all Indian bookstores.

Akshay was born on January 15, 1995 and from an early age he knew he wanted to be a writer. He is the youngest son of Mr. Bijay Kumar Sinha and Mrs. Bindu Sinha. However, it is also known under the label of multitasking. He is an IT professional who travels frequently. He loves taking pictures and is an accomplished hiker. He is also an athlete, having competed at the zonal level in volleyball and table tennis. He spends his free time playing the guitar, cooking different meals, and lifting weights in the gym. We don’t know how he balances doing everything at the same time while writing a book because he’s so multitasking.


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