Baltimore Ravens Week 12 Power Leaderboard Gathering


BALTIMORE – The Ravens didn’t get much respect in this week’s power standings for beating the Chicago Bears.

Here is the overview

Illustrated sports

This week: 10; Last week: 8

Analysis:: “The way they win matches doesn’t appear to be repeatable, but the fact that they keep winning nonetheless probably shouldn’t be overlooked either.”


This week: 8; Last week: 9

Analysis: “One of the most memorable – and debated – moments in the Ravens-Steelers rivalry came when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin interfered with a potential Jacoby Jones return for a touchdown. yards from the end zone, Tomlin stood in a tight area that separates the touchline from the playing field, with his back turned to the action and his right foot squarely in the field of play. Tomlin jumped to his left at the last second, but Jones had to swerve to his right to avoid hitting that slight adjustment in his trajectory allowed Jones to be caught by Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen. “I don’t blame him. not. I still love him, “Jones told ESPN last year.” I would do the same with me. “

This week: 13; Last week: 10

Analysis: “With Lamar Jackson once again ill, Tyler Huntley did his job. The backup quarterback completed a massive 29-yard pass to Sammy Watkins to prepare for the touchdown in the last minute and take out the upset Bears at Soldier Field. That late touchdown took out the goat horns of cornerback Chris Westry, who bit off on a double swing and was beaten on a 49-yard touchdown shot from Andy Dalton that put Baltimore behind with less than two minutes left. The Ravens are coping with their guts right now: Marquise Brown joined Jackson as an inactive on Sunday, while 15 players are parked in the injured reserve. Survive and advance. “

United States today

This week: 9 Last week: 9

Analysis: “Holding steady at No.2 in the conference even though they’ve been fortunate enough to split the last four games. Now the AFC North leaders are entering a crucial period as they take on each of their formidable enemies from division over the next three weeks. “

Yahoo Sports

This week: 3; Last week: 8

Analysis: “Tyler Huntley was an undrafted quarterback with 18 career assists and 54 yards going to Sunday. Lamar Jackson wasn’t taken out until Sunday morning. And the Ravens still found a way to win with Huntley, even after he lost the lead in the final two minutes. No matter which players they lose, the Ravens keep winning. John Harbaugh will one day be in the Hall of Fame. “

CBS Sports

This week: 6; Last week: 8

Analysis: “Winning on the road without Lamar Jackson is impressive – although it wasn’t pretty. The schedule gets a lot tougher in the weeks to come, starting this week with Cleveland.”


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