Best Halloween Movies To Watch On Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney +


During the Halloween season, it is a must to sit down and watch some Halloween movies with your friends and family. Whether you are watching just for fun or really want to experience some new and big horror movies, these will surely meet your expectations.

Everyone loves a good horror movie, even if you’re not a personal fan. In this list, there are different types of movies that appeal to all types of Halloween movie watchers. Whether you prefer gore or a family-inspired movie, the various films listed below will satisfy all of your preferences.

Grab some popcorn and a drink of your choice, sit back and watch all the fantastic movies before Halloween is over! Here are five of the best scary movies from every streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney +):


Step-father (PG-13)

With Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and You, this suspenseful film shows Michael (Badgley) returning from military school to a new man in the house. His mother is completely infatuated with him, but Michael sees that there is something more sinister about his new fiancé.

Silence (D)

Maddie is a deaf writer who tries to find some peace inside her house in the middle of the woods. Everything seems to be going well until a masked man appears at her window, trying to kill her.

The foreigners (D)

In this 2008 slasher film, a couple retreat to a vacation home to recharge and relax. Unbeknownst to them, three masked strangers interfere with murderous intent. This couple must try to survive until the end of the night.

Conspiracy (D)

Based on a true story, the Perron family move to an old house in Rhode Island, where a sinister presence begins to take hold of them. A married couple named Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators who uncover the house’s gruesome past and attempt to fight off the malicious entity before it kills everyone in the house.

Sinister (D)

This deeply disturbing film tells the story of a true detective writer who hasn’t written a bestseller in a decade. After finding a film of a family being murdered, the writer moves his family into the victim’s house, trying to find out more about the video, unknowingly unlocking something completely bad and sinister at inside the house.


My friend Dahmer (D)

This feature story of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer shows an interesting insider perspective on how Dahmer acted during his high school years and what made him become the killer he was.

Crawl (D)

A girl returns home to see her father when a Category 5 hurricane hits Florida, trapping her and her father inside his home as alligators become a life-death threat.

Parasite (D)

Would you do anything to support your family? In this classic Korean movie that swept America after its release, a lower-class family takes advantage of a wealthy family, but at what cost when they go from something innocent to something so deadly?

Curfew (PG-13)

If you hate the dark you’ll hate it even more after this spooky movie. In this horror film, a sister and her younger brother are haunted by something evil that only appears in the dark.

The children of the corn (D)

Here’s a classic, bloody horror flick to watch this season: A couple drive through the Midwest and stumble upon the corpse of a boy, driving them through a town void of murderous children.


Orphan (D)

A peaceful family loses their young child in a strange accident and decides it’s time for them to adopt a young girl into their family to fill the void left by their child. However, disturbing events seem to be suddenly happening after the adoption of this seemingly innocent girl.

Freddy (D)

Nancy and her friend continue to have nightmares of a terribly real man with knives for his fingers and a burnt face. After a freak accident happens to her friend, she can’t stop this suspicious feeling that the man is behind her friend’s death and begins to investigate what happened.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (PG-13)

A family in 1967 organizes a mock session to help clients cope with the death of their loved ones. After purchasing a ouija board to step up their act, something evil is released in the household and begins to prey on the younger girl.

The brilliant (D)

In this classic yet sadistic film, a husband takes his wife and son to a hotel for the winter so he can finally have some peace and quiet to write his next book. Meanwhile, he’s working on possession, and all he starts to think about is how he can murder his wife and son.

This (D)

Every 27 years, a malicious entity kidnaps children in a small town, never to see them again. Seven outcasts find themselves embroiled in this evil when one of the characters suddenly loses their younger brother, trying to find out what happened to him and where he might be.

Disney +

The haunted mansion (PG)

Father addicted to his real estate job decides to take his family on vacation to make up for all the time wasted, but when they stop by a mansion he has been told to sell, they are drawn into events that should never have happened to them. .

The nightmare before Christmas (PG)

In the spooky town of Halloween, Jack the Skeleton finds himself mesmerized by all things Christmas. Determined to find out what it is, he unwittingly creates his own downfall.

Jerking (PG)

Two girls meet on their 21st birthday, discovering that they are not only twins and have magical powers, but also that they must save the kingdom they came from.

Hocus pocus (PG)

Max, a young teenager, has just moved to Salem with his family. After trying to impress the girl he loves, he accidentally frees three witches from an age-old curse, causing trouble in their town when the witches try to take the souls of the children.

Halloween town (PG)

Children who grow up in the human world return to Halloweentown, finding that they are all witches and have another world to discover. It is up to Cromwell’s magic to save the gray fate of the city.

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