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Netflix is ​​home to hundreds of movies and shows. But out of the whole library, what are some of the scariest horror movies available?

Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes in terms of genres. As a result, some of the scariest movies in the medium may not look exactly like the others, and they may feature their own unique twists that prove no two genres tell the same story. A great place to explore these movies is on Netflix, but with so much to choose from, it’s hard to find some of the scariest movies available. Luckily, this article will explain five of the scariest and most creative horror movies available on the streaming platform.


When Conspiracy was released in 2013, audiences could not have suspected that it would have launched one of the biggest horror franchises of the 2010s. That said, while each film offers its own brand of terror, none can compare to the initial terror shown in the original. The film follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate paranormal activity at the Perron family’s new home. However, what they uncover is more sinister than anyone could have imagined. What makes the film so iconic is its use of special effects and camerawork to create unforgettable scares that can still be scary.

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Pet sematary

Based on Stephen King’s novel, Pet sematary is a morbid look at the concepts of death and love as a family is forced to experience the unthinkable. When a family’s little boy dies in a tragic accident, the father hears about a pet cemetery that can raise the dead. Rather than let the dead rest, the father, consumed by guilt, buries his son in the cemetery. However, the returning child is not hers and is something far more sinister. The film is a powerful analysis of how far some people will go to rekindle lost happiness. However, it’s also a cautionary tale that reminds viewers that sometimes dead is better.

It follows

It follows is a unique and empowering story about intimacy, safety and consent. When a young girl spends the night with a man, he informs her that she has contracted a curse, but unlike any other curse, this one can take any form to deceive the victim. However, once he catches the victim, she dies. As a result, the girl is constantly on the run as the creature continues to follow her unless she passes it on, like the man who gave it to her. The story examines maturity, sexuality, and coming of age in a terrifying way, and while it’s not jump scary, it delivers an ominous tone that will have audiences looking over their shoulder.

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The ritual

The ritual is a one-of-a-kind creature about a group of friends hiking through the woods in Europe to honor the death of one of their own. As each member begins to vent their past resentments, they inadvertently conduct a ritual that has them followed by a mythical creature. As tensions mount, things go from supernatural horror to a monster movie whose cast deals with feelings of anger, acceptance, and ultimately forgiveness. It’s a deceptive movie with great creative effects and the ability to transition between horror genres smoothly.

The Exorcist

A true horror classic, The Exorcist, follows a young girl who becomes host to a powerful demonic entity after using a Ouija board. The only two who have a chance of saving her are an elderly priest and another struggling to maintain his faith. Which guarantees a startling film filled with shocking imagery, even by today’s standards, but underneath the true horror that’s shown on screen is a story of heroism. Ultimately, it’s a battle between good and evil where two men will stop at nothing to save a young girl’s soul and it’s a must-watch for any horror fan.

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