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Since May is finally here, it’s time to celebrate Asian Heritage Month in style. While we should celebrate Asian history all year round, the month of May gives us the opportunity to appreciate and highlight some of our favorite moments of Asian achievement. For more than a century, as Variety points out, Asian cultures, stories and peoples have been constantly distorted in Western media and heavily stereotyped. While Asian-American cinema has seen steady growth in recent years, according to The Science Survey, especially since boobies rich asian broke box office records and made history, there is still a long way to go when it comes to fair and respectful representation.

Indeed, it’s not often that you openly see LGBTQ+ characters who are Asian on screen. Although that may change with the next movie. Fire Islandwhich will take a Pride and Prejudice-like a story and seeing it from a queer and Asian perspective, you’d be hard pressed to find many LGBTQ+ Asian characters in movies since the dawn of New Queer Cinema. Here’s a look at our list of Asian/Asian-American movies with LGBTQ+ characters, ranked.

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8 Half (2020)

Directed and written by Alice Wu, Half is a 2020 Netflix coming-of-age drama released to positive reviews. The plot tells the story of a friendless high school girl named Ellie Chu, who agrees to help give advice and be the ghostwriter of one of her classmates in order to win the love of her classmates. a girl, although Ellie also has a crush on her. . The film is a heartwarming reminder that we are gradually starting to get better representation of gay children on our screens. He emphasizes that it is normal not to understand everything.

7 Love from Siam (2007)

Released in 2007, The love of Siam is a multi-layered Thai romantic drama, which focuses on themes of family, friendship and love. Since the gay romance was not included in any of the promotional material before the film’s release, it caused controversy in Thailand. Despite all the hype, it became a critical success, winning best film at several Thai industry awards. If you like stories of friends to lovers, this one is for you.

6 Super Deluxe (2019)

super luxury is a Tamil hypertext film, focusing on four different characters whose destinies interconnect as they all go through unexpected situations on the same day. One of the main characters is Shilpa, a transgender woman who returns to her family after abandoning them seven years ago. The character is constantly abused by the police as she fights for her family’s acceptance. The film shows you the meaning of life as well as the blurred lines between good and evil. Critics have rated this movie as one of the “Best Tamil Movies of 2019”.

5 Happy Together (1997)

The Hong Kong romance drama Happy together is pretty much well known as a queer classic. The film depicts the turbulent romance between Ho Po-Wing (Leslie Cheung) and Lai Yiu-Fai (Tony Leung), who constantly break up and get back together. They travel to Argentina to try to mend their relationship. On several occasions since its release, it has ranked among the best LGBTQ+ films of all time. If you decide to give it a watch, remember that queer Asian films are on another level of pain.

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4 Fathers (2016)

Want to watch a queer movie about fatherhood? We have you. fathers is a 2016 Thai romantic drama, which tells the story of Phoon and Yuke who have been together for over 13 years when they decide to adopt an abandoned child. They are a happy family until their child starts attending elementary school, and is made fun of for not having a mother. When the Organization for the Protection of Children’s Rights gets involved, everything becomes more complicated.

3 The Twilight Kiss (2019)

It’s not often you see older queer people portrayed in the media, let alone an older Asian queer couple. The Twilight Kiss or Souk Souk is a critically acclaimed Hong Kong drama film, telling the story of Pak and Hoi, two elderly, secretly gay men who, despite building a straight life over the years, end up falling in love with one another. each other and find solace in each other in their twilight years. The film received generally positive reviews.

2 Your Name Engraved Here (2020)

Your name engraved here became the highest-grossing LGBTQ+ film in Taiwanese history, surpassing NT$100 million at the Taiwanese box office. The plot takes place after the end of martial laws in 1980 in Taiwan. A-Han and Birdy are two college students who fall in love with each other despite societal and family pressure and pervasive homophobia. The film is meant to break your heart with powerful lines. If you want a more complete version of the film, we recommend reading the novelization, which contains many deleted scenes that should have been in the final cut.

1 The Servant (2016)

The servant is a critically acclaimed South Korean erotic psychological thriller set during the era of Japanese rule over Korea. The story consists of three different plots that will surely leave you speechless. Nam Sook-hee is hired as a personal maid for Lady Izumi Hideko in order to defraud her and steal her fortune, but as the story continues, they end up falling in love with each other and conspiring against others. The underlying themes are more sinister and dangerous than they appear.


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