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Sara Rogers was struck and killed by a vehicle while riding her bicycle on South Park in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, NY – Buffalo’s music community is in mourning. They lost a beautiful voice and a musician way too soon.

2 On Your Side tells more about the life of Sara Rogers and her love for music. This young woman tragically died in a bicycle accident involving a vehicle on Friday.

Steve Shewan, former music teacher and conductor at Williamsville East High School said with sorrow, “We lost an angel. We really did.”

This thoughtful thought from Shewan as he thinks of his former student and Friday’s horrific accident when 29-year-old Sara Rogers was hit and killed by a car while riding her bicycle in South Park in Buffalo. Police say the driver suffered a medical emergency. Two of Sara’s friends, also on bicycles, were also rammed and suffered serious injuries.

Sara attended Williamsville East High School and Nazareth College in Rochester for her music education degree.

Shewan says she was a polished singer-songwriter.

“She performed in every concert hall in Buffalo and Rochester. She had a lot of fans. She really had a lot of fans.”

But Rogers, through his YouTube channel, was also a music therapist for children and others.

Shewan says, “Music therapy – I think she really believed in the power of music as a healing agent. The musical interventions she created for her students – depended on their needs, whatever they were. Qu “Emotional, physical, or academic. Sara was so creative. She could custom-create whatever music she wanted to approach that student with and she knew how to tap into the problem and help that child.”

Sara also used this ability to find a way to help and heal after the May 14 supermarket shooting.

“She did her music therapy and volunteered after the shooting on the East Side. She went out there and recorded songs and offered music therapy to anyone who wanted help. She was there and that’s how Sara was. Whenever anyone needed anything, she just had that way of showing up.”

Shewan has been busy fielding calls since the accident broke.

“Former students who were everywhere, calling. One of them wrote – ‘please tell me that’s not true’. And I came back to her and she just sobbed. ”

Sara is survived by her mother, her sister, her life partner and of course many, many friends.

Shewan says that although funeral arrangements are not complete, he expects a celebration of life with many of his classmates coming home for a service and many musical performances in tribute to his musician friends.


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