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Jane Ammeson, Times correspondent

As chief meteorologist for ABC TV, Ginger Zee has been at the scene of nearly every major weather disaster in recent times – hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and extreme weather conditions ranging from the extreme cold of the Boston Blizzard to the scorching heat of the Valley of the death. Her fascination with the weather was inspired by a waterspout she saw forming over Lake Michigan. Only 8 years old at the time, Zee was so intrigued that she rushed forward, instead of walking away like everyone else.

But the storms she chased were nothing compared to the internal storms that were destroying her psyche.

Zee first described her struggles in her 2017 book, “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One”, which she described as “Ginger Lite”. She really goes in depth with her latest book, “A Little Closer to Home: How I Found the Calm After the Storm”.

Zee, who has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, with minors in Spanish and Mathematics, from the University of Valparaiso, has not been able to translate his accomplishments into a positive self-image. Down below, Zee avoided looking at herself in the mirrors, not liking what she saw. Depressed, anorexic and at times suicidal, the therapy helped Zee grow stronger.

At first, when her editor asked her to write a sequel to “Natural Disasters”, she hesitated. But then she watched a rerun of “Good Morning, America” ​​of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, in which Blasey Ford claimed she was sexually assaulted while she was being sexually assaulted. was a teenager by two young men at a party. Zee had been sexually assaulted and in an abusive relationship, and listening to Blasey Ford, she became convinced that she owed people to recount her experiences in a follow-up book.


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