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Reagan Pasternak holds his book, “Griffin’s Heart”.


Jane Ammeson, Times correspondent

It has been 10 years since actress Reagan Pasternak’s beloved dog Griffin has passed away, and since then, although life has been very busy with her career, getting married and becoming a mother, she has missed the animal. which she calls a “soul mate”.

To help her mourn, Pasternak, who starred in Netflix / HULU / HBO’s “Being Erica, HBO’s” Sharp Objects “, Syfy’s” Wynonna Earp “and” Ms. Pat, ” keeping a journal of her feelings, incorporating not only the pain she was feeling, but also tools and techniques to deal with her grief. It took a decade, but now Pasternak’s book, “Griffin’s Heart: Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies ”(Creative Align Press, $ 27.99) is available on Amazon.

Pasternak, on a phone call from her California home, described the book as an interactive memoir, memento, and healing journal that she hopes will provide guidance to those who have lost a pet. .

“I feel the animals are so forgotten after giving us so much love,” she said. “I wanted to honor them.

Pasternak doesn’t consider herself a writer, but says she felt compelled to write about everything she learned while going through her own stages of grieving. This includes reading about the brain and how it processes emotions and information, exploring different ways to heal, such as music therapy, and practicing meditation to relieve anxiety. It also helped with the loss of her other pets, including another dog who just passed away.


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