Both Deadpool movies added to Disney-owned streaming service


There may not be big news on the Deadpool 3 ahead again, but the Ryan Reynolds Marvel franchise just got a lot easier to watch. The two dead Pool and Deadpool 2 were eventually made available on the same streaming service. Disney owns the dead Pool movies but, as we all know, movies don’t fit into the family feel of Disney + at all. Fortunately, Disney also manages Hulu, and the company has made it the new streaming home for the one and only Wade Wilson.

Earlier this week, dead Pool and Deadpool 2 have been added to Hulu’s streaming lineup, where they will remain for the foreseeable future. The majority of Fox’s X-Men movies air on Disney +, but the R-rated fare of dead Pool and Logan will likely never reach that lineup, although Marvel would love to have all the titles under one roof. Hulu, however, is part of the Disney streaming package along with Disney + and ESPN +, so if you’re one of the many subscribers to take advantage of this deal, you still technically get dead Pool and the rest of the Marvel movies in one package.

dead Pool will undoubtedly be a constant streaming success for Hulu, there is no shortage of love for the Reynolds-led franchise. On the contrary, it will only increase the demand for the third installment in the series.

The future of Deadpool is currently uncertain, as the current rating and style of the films does not match the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel certainly wants the series to exist with the MCU, but Reynolds and fans won’t want to see Wade come together either. There is probably a compromise somewhere.

Those involved in Deadpool really want the series to continue. Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz recently said that she’ll do whatever it takes to bring Domino back to the screen.

“I’d love to see Domino again,” Beetz told us. “I would like to make a dead Pool 3, 4, 5, 7, 19. I also wanted to say to myself, “Maybe I could just do my own origin story.” I feel honored to have been able to portray her on screen and to have played with her, like her. I love her and would be more than happy to see her again on camera. And I think I will. If Disney can’t do it, I will. “

Are you looking forward to seeing the dead Pool movies now that they’re on Hulu? Let us know in the comments!

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