BTS: Permission to Dance stops playing while filming a music video; here’s what Suga, Jin, and V did next. Watch


BTS released a video featuring the making of their new song Permission to Dance. The song was released earlier this month to celebrate ARMY Day, a day dedicated to their fans. While the video carries a hopeful vibe, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have revealed everything they went through while making the clip.

In the video, posted to their YouTube channel, Bangtan TV, the members of BTS took fans behind the scenes of the song. A section of the video showed BTS frontman RM trying to fan himself as they filmed during hot summers, later V was seen choreographing a segment of the clip. The BTS video also gave a glimpse of the many tricks Jungkook had to take to get the perfect shot.

However, no one anticipated that the audio would fail during filming. The video revealed that when the BTS members were filming the last part of Permission to Dance, the song suddenly stopped playing. As Suga came to a halt, the executive focused on V and Jin, who continued to keep the energy high and go through the routine in silence. Soon the other members and the background dancers joined us.

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Permission to dance received love as members of BTS incorporated the use of sign language. BTS members did not need to use sign language while reacting to the clip. J-Hope said: “The use of sign language is also very important.”

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