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Amritsar, January 14

Naad Pargas, a cultural organization that works in the field of promoting Punjabi literature, has taken the initiative to start courses on Persian sources of Sikh literature. These courses are led by Professor Jagdish Singh, Director of Naad Pargas and Chief Coordinator of the current program.

Starting from learning the alphabets, the three-month course is designed to teach Persian vocabulary, understand grammar and finally read directly from Persian sources of Sikh texts. Harjot Kaur, one of Professor Jagdish’s team members and instructor of these courses, said: “The aim is to make students sufficiently capable of reading, understanding and learning parts of ‘Zafarnamah’ (written by Guru Gobind Singh) which was originally written in Persian and in the writings of Bhai Nand Lal Goya, a 17th century Sikh poet in the court of Guru Gobind Singh.

Explaining the importance of Persian sources and their relationship to Sikhi, Professor Jagdish Singh, Director of Naad Pargas, said learning Persian allows for open conceptual dialogue with the Abrahamic traditions of the world. “These classes are open to all age groups,” he said. These courses started in offline mode but are now being delivered in online mode due to Covid-19. —


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