College football qualifying standings reaction: the good, the bad and the ugly


Another week of decline, another CFP ranking completed.

Aside from the Michigan-Michigan State debacle (yes, the Committee still has the Wolverines at one loss to the Spartans at one loss, who beat Michigan about two weeks ago), this ranking revelation lacked anticipation from the previous weeks. Other than Oklahoma’s fall out of the top 10, no major changes have occurred.

The Sooners found themselves falling from eighth to 13th with the loss to Baylor, and because of that, Wake Forest slipped into the Top 10 at No.10. Otherwise all was calm on the CFP standings front.

With the exception, of course, of the two Mitten State teams, which have always attracted heavy criticism in college football.


Cincinnati stayed in place at No.5, well positioned to jump into the top four if any of the four ahead of them stumble. And that’s probably a more likely than not scenario. Oregon’s No.3 has to face Utah twice, and Alabama’s No.2 gets Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Meanwhile, the Ohio State No.4 has two top-10 teams on the calendar in Michigan and the State of Michigan (although one of those three Big Ten teams will likely make the top four if it does. ultimately wins the Big Ten with a loss).

However, CFP president Gary Barta has hinted that the Bearcats’ schedule could have an impact on their future standings once the teams behind them, such as Oklahoma State No.9 and the two Michigan teams, will have completed their schedule. In fact, he called the strength of the Bearcats’ calendar – ranked No. 100 by Sagarin – a “problem.”

“Notre Dame continues to win, so this victory looks more impressive every week,” Barta said before adding, “The strength of the schedule increases each week with Cincinnati. As the games progress we will continue to monitor , but the solidity of the schedules was one of the problems. ”

Is this a sign the Bearcats would be left out for a two-loss Big Ten or a two-loss Alabama? Or a state of Oklahoma at a loss? May be. He later called Cincinnati’s 5th place position “rock solid” but said there had been a “big discussion” about where to place the Bearcats versus 6th Michigan.

The bad

The Committee Hates Pokes! OK, maybe that’s too strong an accusation. But Mike Gundy’s team, 9-1, continue to rack up points and play some of the best defenses in the country despite finding themselves ranked No.9, behind a host of other one-loss teams. .

Of these eight teams ranked ahead, only Notre-Dame has a better schedule at 21st place. The Cowboys are ranked 25th. They beat Baylor, won at Boise State (never easy) and recently beat West Virginia and the TCU.

But fear not, Cowboys fans. You have a chance for two more quality wins – against Oklahoma and the Big 12 Championship game opponent (Oklahoma again or Baylor again). Will these wins be enough to take a OSU Big 12 champion to a loss in the top four? Barta – the Committee too – doesn’t get involved in the screenings, so he avoided that question when asked.

The ugly one

Guess who’s back! This is the debate that rages between Michigan and the State of Michigan. Although the No.6 Wolverines beat the No.7 Spartans on October 31, Sparty remains behind his big rival.

You are probably wondering why this is important. There are still three weeks before the final standings are released. It will work out after all. Michigan State is playing at Ohio State this weekend and Michigan gets the Buckeyes to finish the regular season.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, but it casts a veil on the work of the Committee. Barta again claimed Michigan was the “most complete team” and cited statistics to support this point. In every significant statistic, he said, the Wolverines are better.

Except in the most important statistic of all: the score of the actual match. Michigan State coach Mel Tucker has joined ESPN’s broadcast after the latest rankings were revealed. Asked about the one-on-one results, Tucker said, “I think it’s important. That’s why you play the games, isn’t it? “

That’s what we thought too, Mel!

The bonus

Oregon and Ohio State grab Alabama in the minds of the Committee. In the first two weeks of the standings, Barta made it clear that the Crimson Tide are solidly the No. 2 team in the group. What about this week? Not really. The discussion between issues 2 through 4 spread deeper than it had in previous weeks. Suddenly, it seems, these three teams are together on one level. “Two, three and four was an area where the conversation was longer. There was a good conversation about where Alabama, Oregon and Ohio should be placed,” he said.

The AAC has a second team in the CFP top 25, which is good for their other team, Cincinnati. If the two meet in the AAC Championship game, the Bearcats (perhaps) will claim a top-25 victory if the outcome of the game doesn’t lead the committee to crush the Cougars.

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