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This month, college staff watched the love / horror classic, “Crimson Peak”

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Astghik Dion, editor-in-chief of the arts

The first time I heard Jessica Chastain say the phrase “but the horror, the horror was for love,” my jaw dropped six feet deep into the ground and that was all I did. could think for the weeks that followed. “Crimson Peak” tells the story of love, sacrifice and the violence that keeps him alive. The spirit of Guillermo del Toro opens a portal of beautiful color contrasts and a glimpse of twisted intimacy. Metaphors abound in the costumes and hues of demons and the environment. Red, blue, black, yellow, and white dominate the film’s color scheme, all amplifying various tones of purity, bloodlust and wickedness. If I could have a movie for the rest of my life, this could very well be at the top of my list.

Max Zeff, Podcast Editor

As someone who generally dislikes horror movies, I was pleasantly surprised by “Crimson Peak”. The film’s beautiful use of colors, costumes, and set design made it a visually mesmerizing film. As big as those aspects are, the star of the movie was without a doubt the character arcs of our three main characters, which kept me going throughout the movie. The unexpected twists and turns of this movie showed me just how far reaching a horror movie can be, and it opened me up to watching other movies in the genre.

Sara Abdelouahed, Editor

“Crimson Peak”, although it was a period piece, featured vivid colors that kept the audience (me) engaged. Although I realize that I look like a toddler who enjoys watching sensory videos, period pieces often lose me because of the dull filters they overlay in each scene. The story itself left me guessing until the last scene, and I enjoyed the bold plot choices of director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro. Overall I enjoyed myself both visually and intellectually. 7.5 / 10

Ana Pietrewicz, editor-in-chief

You can still identify a Guillermo del Toro movie, and “Crimson Peak” is no exception. The design of the ghosts clearly comes from del Toro’s psyche – they’re creepy, yet fascinating and beautiful to watch. “Crimson Peak” does not have the characteristics of the traditional “scary” movie; do not expect fear and psychological torment, but rather dark and winding drama. The few but significant murders, gorgeous color palette, and acting of Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska make this movie worth seeing.

Catherine Hurley, Associate Artistic Editor

At no time did I understand what was happening during “Crimson Peak”. Are the characters in New York or England? Which is the sister? Why is she poisoned? I never knew it, but still enjoyed the movie. It’s a great example of a horror movie with no fear of jumps or overly spooky moments. The violence and mystery included are more than enough to entertain viewers.

McKenna Premus, Editor-in-Chief

“Crimson Peak” is one of those movies that sticks in your head for days, if not weeks after watching it for the first time. While some of the elements maybe seemed a bit cheesy and “Hollywood-y”, the plot was very original, especially for the horror movie genre. Vibrant colors, elaborate costumes, and unique settings (including the crumbling mansion sitting atop a red clay hill that bleeds through the snow, literally appearing as if the estate is bleeding) all contribute to the fun atmosphere. of the film, mixed with the occasional skip fear and unforeseen plot twists. It’s the perfect horror movie to watch with your friends and will have everyone guessing until the end.

Lulu Kesin, Sports Editor

Like Collegian and Lulu, I hid behind my laptop while watching “Crimson Peak”. Yes, I was indeed putting together a story as the night slowly drifted away from me, but I also hate gore and horror. I was intrigued by the cinematic aspect of the film and felt that the opening visuals were quite beautiful. It was only because of the extreme levels of bloodshed and the confusing storylines surrounding incest that I had to stop paying attention to the film altogether. I think he had potential and with all my focus maybe I would have liked him more, but I can’t say I was too impressed. Jessica Chastain’s rules, however.

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