Cut! Italian artist pays vibrant tribute to protests by Iranian women


An Italian artist pays a vibrant tribute to the protests of Iranian women. Instagram/@m_melgrati

As protests erupted in several parts of Iran following the death of Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, the stark reality of the condition of Iranian women in the country was exposed and captured worldwide attention. Many showed their support for the women protesting, as well as artists from several parts of the world who came forward to pay their personal tributes to the cause. Recently, an Italian artist, Marco Melgrati, created an illustration of the ongoing developments in Iran titled it “Cut It Out”.

The touching illustration shared by the artist on his Instagram account sums up the whole situation in Iran well. The animated graphic shows an Iranian woman breaking free from the unwarranted grip of Iran’s so-called morality police as she cuts off some of her hair, giving up more control. Also, if we take a closer look at the message, Melgrati shared several close-ups of the illustration zooming in on the details of the message delivered by the same. In appropriate symbolism, the artist aptly titled the illustration “Cut It Out”.

Check the message:

In the meantime, the post has gone viral on the internet for all the right reasons, as many could relate to portraying the reality of women in Iran. People also viewed the comments section and appreciated the artist’s efforts and support for Mahsa Amini and the protesting Iranian women. One user commented, “Thank you for supporting the people of Iran,” while another said, “I will share this awesome post tomorrow.” Love emojis along with Mahsa Amini hashtags were all over the comments section.

The post has so far garnered over 1.4 lakh likes and hundreds of comments.

What’s going on in Iran?

Several days have passed since the reported death of a Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, in police custody after being taken away by Iranian morality police because of her dress. Men and women from all walks of life staged massive protests against the ruling government and the harsh standards imposed on women in the country.

In a bid to protest the police and demand more of their freedom, women also cut their hair and burned their hijabs during protests.

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