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Looks like Doja Cat is very serious about retiring from the music industry. The rapper has been making headlines in recent days by insisting on social media that she is ready to leave her rising career behind. And now she’s taken to Twitter again to make the same claim.

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Doja responded directly to Florida radio station MIX 105.1, which speculated, “Okay, so maybe @DojaCat isn’t retiring” on Monday, March 28, alongside a story about his apology for saying she was quitting in the first place.

“Yeah the f-ki am,” she commented, sending her ardent fans into another wave of shock and panic.

The controversy began last week when the star sent an angry tweet storm after his Asunciónico festival headliner in Paraguay was canceled due to flooding. “It’s gone and I don’t care if-kin quits, I can’t wait for f-king to go away and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore,” she snapped, followed by ” Everything is dead for me, the music is dead, and I’m crazy to have ever thought that I was made for this, it’s a crazy nightmare, don’t follow me.

Since then, she has also vowed to stop taking photos with fans, expressed her disappointment with her performance on the first weekend of Lollapalooza Brazil and exchanged terse words with the assistant. NBCSports/TelemundoSports producer Roberto Rojas.

However, Doja still has musical obligations coming up in the near future. She is already slated to headline Lollapalooza Brazil again in the festival’s second weekend this Friday, April 1, as well as The Weeknd on her recently announced After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour, which begins on July 8 in Toronto.

Read Doja’s latest claim about quitting music below.


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