Doki Doki Literature Club Plus: Yuri Poem Word Guide


Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is finally on consoles, and new fans can ensure romance with Yuri if they pick the right poem words.

Doki Literature Club Doki Plus is part dating simulation, part psychological horror game. The two genres couldn’t be more different, but it was this stark contrast that made the title so successful when the original Doki Doki Literature Club was released in 2017 on PC. Some might not have liked the horror title’s opening hours, but it’s this time around that allows players to explore the unique personalities of each of the characters before the heavy topic of the game rolls around. becomes apparent.

The improved More The version includes side stories that allow players to peek inside the Literature Club before their character appears. It also adds bonus songs, higher quality pictures, and a few more hints for players to guess what the Doki Literature Club Doki Plus unsolved game mysteries actually mean.

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The unique game is still all about romance and relationship building, with players having to choose whether to impress Literature Club members Sayori, Natsuki, or Yuri. To choose who to woo, players must complete poetry mini-games in select the words they think their choice of romance would prefer. To make sure to impress Yuri, players should choose the words that score the most points with her, such as Doki Literature Club Doki Plus uses a 3 point system for each available word.

How to write a poem for Yuri

ddlc write a poem for yuri words

After joining the Literature Club and experiencing day one with all of the characters, players will follow the story to their homes and enter the poetry mini-game for the first time. This will then appear at the end of each day of Act 1, and players need to choose the words they associate with Yuri to make sure this gaming romance goes smoothly.

Yuri is the shyest member of the Literature Club, with a love of fantastic books and dark imagery. As long as the players choose the majority of words that fit this description, they will start his story the next day in the club room. To ensure romance with Yuri, players must choose as many poem words as possible when the mini-game appears:

  • 9:15 a.m.
  • Afterimage, Dying, Ambient, Analysis, Anxiety, Atonement, Aura
  • Breathe
  • Cage, Captive, Climax, Contamination, Envy, Crimson
  • Desire, Contempt, Destiny, Determination, Disaster, Disarray, Disoriented, Disowned, Dream
  • Effluent, Electricity, Entropy, Essence, Eternity, Existence, Explode, Extreme
  • Purifying, Inconstant, Fleeing, Scary
  • Graveyard
  • Heavenly, horror
  • Imagination, Incapable, Incongruous, Infallible, Inferno, Infinite, Intellectual, Insight
  • Travel, Judgment
  • Landscape, Lust
  • Massacre, Skinny, Melancholy
  • Philosophy, Pleasure, Portrait
  • Question
  • Raindrops
  • Secret, Sensation, Starscape, Suicide
  • Tenacious, Time
  • Supernatural, uncontrollable, endless, universe, unrestrained, unstable
  • Variance, Vertigo, Vibrant, Vitality, Vivacious, Lively
  • Whirlwind, Anger

Players will know they made the best choice of words when Yuri’s chibi character leaps into the air. If 20 words found in the list above are used in one of the poetry minigames during Act 1, the Perfect! Yuri Trophy or Achievement will unlock. This is a simple Gamerscore of 80 for Xbox users, or a Gold Trophy for those who play on PlayStation consoles.

For trophy / achievement hunters, it is advisable to create a backup before writing a poem. This means it’s easier to reload and write a perfect poem for each romantic character and quickly get 240G or 3 Gold Trophies. The whole game in general is great for getting a lot of achievements and trophies quickly, if the players have the heart for a few more games.

Doki Literature Club Doki Plus is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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