Emma Watson had about 4 movies in her house growing up


Before being cast as Hermione Granger at age 9, Emma Watson had a very normal childhood. Although she had done a few school plays before the Harry Potter movies, she barely considered an acting career. Instead, she had a host of interests that included tennis, learning, and spending time at home with her family.

Watson might not be sure she was a professional actress, but she was sure she was playing Hermione. Like millions of others, she fell in love with the character via the books. She felt a deep affinity with the witch because they shared so many similarities. So when the opportunity to audition for the role came up, she jumped at the chance.

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Emma Watson admits there weren’t many movies in her childhood home

Curiously, Watson’s love for the stage was far from inherited. His parents both made a living as lawyers and were the most distant moviegoers. In fact, in an interview with GQ UK, Watson revealed that there were only a few movies in her house growing up.

“We had maybe four tapes in our whole house,” Watson explained. “My dad doesn’t watch movies and I was taken to the theater maybe twice on a school trip. I always liked doing school plays, but it just wasn’t an ambition I really thought about.

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The ‘Harry Potter’ alum wasn’t sure she wanted to pursue an acting career

Even after Watson landed the coveted role of Hermione, she wasn’t sure acting was her path. This, of course, was in direct contrast to his compatriot Harry Potter elder, Daniel Radcliffe, who was always sure of his calling as a performer. In the aforementioned interview, the Noah The actor opened up about what other career paths she’s considering outside of acting.

“I think when I was younger I wasn’t really sure I wanted to play, so I played around with a few different ideas,” Watson explained. “I didn’t know if I would want to write or if I would want to do something in fashion. I wasn’t really focused the way Dan was from the start. His parents [worked in the industry]he went to the theatre, he watched movies, he was absolutely set from the start: ‘I’m going to be an actor’.

Watson focused on acting after finishing playing Hermione Granger

Of course, Watson’s feelings of ambivalence towards acting changed throughout the eight Harry Potter movies. Eventually, she decided this was the career path for her. And she was willing to let go of other passion projects to really devote her full attention to her acting career.

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“I guess I’ve changed is that getting out of Potter I became more focused,” Watson explained. “I focused on what I really want to do, which is to act. Lately, especially with my work for Lancôme, a lot of journalists ask me: “Don’t you want to create a fashion line or your own perfume? I kind of walked away because I don’t want any other distractions.

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