Famous Pashtun fiction writer Tahir Afridi dies



The famous Turkistan Pashtun fiction writer alias Tahir Afridi has died at the age of 82 in Karachi after a long illness.

He was taken to his native village of Sokra near Dara Adam Khel in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to be buried after his funeral prayer was offered in the port city.

Afridi was born on January 4, 1939 and received no formal education. During his early days he became interested in poetry, but then turned to writing fiction.

Like the rest of the Pashtuns, Afiridi came to Karachi in the 1960s in search of a livelihood and first worked as a car cleaner.

He then started his own business and moved to Karachi with his family in 1973. His family still resides in the metropolis.

Paying tribute to his colleague, poet and writer Qaiser Afridi said that the late Afridi had worked for 60 years for the promotion of the Pashtun language.

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Tahir Afridi founded a literary organization in Karachi called ‘Jaras Adabi Jirga’ and started a quarterly magazine under the name of Jaras.

Poet Aman Afridi, a member of Jaras Adabi Jirga, said Tahir Afridi spent most of his life promoting Pashtun literature.

“He wrote 21 books for Pashtun literature. Apparently Tahir Afridi is no longer with us, he will live forever thanks to his work,” he noted.

Farman Zaheer, a young Pashtun poet who attended the eminent poet’s funeral, said Afridi was not only a writer but a mentor who did a lot for future generations of Pashtuns.

Tahir Afridi has received numerous awards and distinctions for his services in the field of literature. He was also honored with the “Ghazi Mir Bacha Khan Medal” by the Afghan government in recognition of his services in the field of Pashtun literature.

Despite having survived a stroke in 2010, Afridi has not stopped writing books and novels. He did not have children and his wife died in 2019.


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