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ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — FCI Lender Services has introduced a proprietary API (Application Programming Interface) service for free for all their loan service customers. At no additional cost, FCI customers can now connect their loan management software to the FCI system. This allows customers to PULL and PUSH information directly from FCI’s live database to their own existing databases or internal CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) programs to generate custom reports. The PULL API allows each client to ask FCI to enter specific and individualized data directly into their system.

FCI’s PUSH and PULL functionality allows customers to avoid logging into their website, emailing or calling FCI for updates to gather loan information, such as original loan data or loan fees. The FCI API allows customers to access their loan information 24/7 without having to contact FCI. Using FCI’s API technology to enter and update data directly into or from FCI’s system for seamless integration enables customers to improve their timelines and experiences using FCI’s industry-leading technology and services. CFI.

The FCI API PULL capability allows specific information to be pulled into a specific report or database that the client desires. For example, if a report tracks ROI and the information is tracked on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the API can be used to automatically update fields such as Outstanding Main Balance. This eliminates the need to manually update each field, eliminating this tedious process. FCI provides free Excel API templates that allow customers to pull all desired loan information from FCI’s system at the push of a button, while maintaining the desired report format.

A video tutorial on the CFI website demonstrates the step-by-step process of connecting CFI API data to custom reports in Excel. Additionally, FCI’s API can also integrate data with reports in Salesforce, Zoho, or custom software to FCI’s API so fields are automatically updated. As a client’s portfolio grows, the API can capture almost any field visible on FCI Web, such as Paid To Date, Property Address, and Note Rate directly into a client’s custom report. customer at the touch of a button.

The FCI API’s PUSH functionality works similarly to the PULL functionality, but allows the lender to push information from its databases and reports into FCI’s system. For example, when a customer is onboarding a new loan, the PUSH API can be used as part of the loan origination software and sent directly to FCI to seamlessly begin the onboarding process. In cases where loan charges are incurred by the consumer, customers can press a button in the system to automatically send the new charges to FCI for review and attach the lender’s note. This is much more convenient than manually emailing individual charges to FCI. Additionally, when FCI needs certain documents for onboarding or other service issues, customers can send that information directly through the PUSH API for it to be immediately attached and applied to the note.

FCI’s PUSH and PULL API functionality is changing the way FCI and its customers do business due to its focus on connectivity. This increases both the efficiency and effectiveness of the way customers do business. With FCI’s API capabilities, lenders can connect directly to their loan officer and access their rating information for the first time. To start accessing FCI’s API and using it with your favorite tracking software, log in to the Lender Portal at myfci.com. All API information, templates, video tutorials and product feature descriptions can be found at the bottom left of the screen.

The API is one of the direct connect features that FCI offers alongside OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that can be applied to any type of note, such as Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM). These direct connect features streamline and enhance your portfolio tracking and management capabilities. By allowing FCI to manage your loans and using industry-leading features like the API, you get the FCI advantage designed to improve turnaround times and customer experiences. This is why FCI is highly ranked nationally and why they were top rated by Fitch.

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