Frank Reich “very disappointed” with run from Indianapolis Colts goal line


At this point in the Frank Reich era in Indianapolis, the struggles of the red zone become a major issue.

These issues reoccurred at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams as the Colts missed two goals inside the Rams’ 5-yard line twice in a 27-24 loss, knocking the Colts down. at 0-2 this season.

On the same day, the Colts honored Professional Football Hall of Fame members Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James, the Colts put in another tough offensive performance despite 24 points.

Opening the Week 2 game against the Rams, Indianapolis walked the field on the Rams’ best defense, wasting an excellent kicking return from Isaiah Rodgers to open the game.

Seven games and 49 yards later, the Colts faced the first and the goal at the 1-yard line and couldn’t pick up a single yard. Running back Jonathan Taylor was pissed off three times on runs in the middle before quarterback Carson Wentz was sacked in fourth town for turnover on downs just one possession in the game.

Two practices later, the Colts marched deep into Los Angeles territory again, facing a first and a goal on the Rams 10-yard line. Wentz found second-year wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. for seven yards, but Taylor was then pissed off on second and on goal before Wentz was drafted on a misguided shovel pass on the third down, resulting in another turnover. inside the Rams’ 5-yard line, wasting two scoring chances in a three-point loss, which was a key talking point for Reich after the game with reporters.

“Very disappointing,” Reich told reporters after the loss regarding the offensive performance in the red zone. “We didn’t do a good job on offense. I say collective attack. We have the ball on the one-yard line, and we haven’t gutted it. We called three runs and we don’t get any. races and the last one is a deployment pass. We had a little trick in how we called it with the game before. They were up for that so it wasn’t well trained. ‘Getting from the 1-yard line. It hurt us. I didn’t follow the right play and we didn’t perform well enough, so it’s everyone’s responsibility. “

Asked about the first failure to score on Sunday in the game’s first possession, Reich said he considered calling a passing game earlier in the streak before the fourth failure.

“Yeah in fourth place. Surprise them, you know, like we’re going real fast like we’re going to do it all over again and that’s the “deception,” Reich said. “It’s something that some teams do, we’ve done it successfully already. We have to trust our attack and lead the football. It was like the way we moved on the pitch. I just watch this. thing here. We’re one for four in the red zone. That’s basically the story. All other areas were about equal. We just need to play better in the red zone. “

Ultimately, however, the Colts’ elite couldn’t gain a footing on the ground, which is more of a concern than the perceived playing appeal. For a team built around a powerful offense, the Colts should have been able to bring Taylor into the end zone on one of the attempts, or feel comfortable enough to call in a stealth QB for Wentz.

Instead, the Colts squandered a great home opportunity and ultimately paid it off on the scoreboard at the end.

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