George RR Martin takes a break from ‘Winds of Winter’ as glittery vampires garner praise from gothic literature professor



There’s a lot going on in the fancy world right now, but a surprising amount of news today revolves around older franchises, rather than current ones. The widely hated Percy Jackson adaptations are sparking long-delayed conversations, especially after an upcoming Disney Plus adaptation was announced, and an analysis from a gothic literature expert praises Dusk and his “vegetarian vampires”.

George RR Martin, the indisputable talent behind the A song of ice and fire series, is closely watched by its fan base. books like game of thrones take a long time to write, and Martin takes longer than most. For this reason, his fans tend to expect the author to spend all his free time writing. Even on Halloween. That doesn’t stop the popular novelist from stepping back to enjoy the holidays, of course, despite fan criticism.

George RR Martin takes a break winter winds for halloween

George RR Martin has taken a brief break from writing the next book of the A song of ice and fire series to celebrate Halloween. The 74-year-old novelist took to the streets as a member of Mystery Inc. His shaggy costume was impeccable in its simple delivery, though it lacked a real talking canine companion. Luckily, he enjoyed the evening with his own Velma, so we’re guessing the holiday treated Martin well.

Dusk garners praise for its fusion of vampiric stereotypes

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Gothic literature expert Laura Westerngard praises the Dusk saga. In analyzing a number of classic vampire stories, Westerngard noted many of the story’s finer points, as far as overall trends in vampiric novels go. The vampires in Dusk stray from most genre norms, according to Westerngard, but stay close enough to classic trends to maintain the overall tone of the age-old genre.

Percy Jackson fans still don’t know what they think of the early 2010s adaptations

Percy Jackson

Most fantasy fans are thrilled to hear about an adaptation of their favorite series, but years of gruesome, butchered makeovers have made many book fans wary of film adaptations. This is certainly the case among Percy Jackson fandom, most of which were massively let down by a pair of films attempting – and largely failing – to bring the books to the big screen. Especially with news of a Disney Plus adaptation on the horizon, fans of the series are reminiscing about early 2010s adaptations and wondering how Disney will improve on the botched formula.


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