Georgia clinches top spot in College Football Playoff Rankings Second


Georgia jumped to first place in the second college football playoff standings released Tuesday.

After a stunning losing streak in Week 10, three of last week’s top six teams — Tennessee, Clemson and Alabama — fell in the standings while their competitors rose. It’s also the first time in CFP rankings history that neither the Crimson Tide nor the Tigers have made it into the top six teams.

Georgia, which entered its SEC East matchup with former No. 1 Tennessee ranked No. 3 in the first CFP rankings, beat the Volunteers 27-13 in a rowdy environment Saturday at Sanford Stadium.

After the defending national champions, the rest of the top six were rounded out by Ohio State (9–0), Michigan (9–0), TCU (9–0), Tennessee (8–1) and Oregon (8–1 ).

After the rankings were released, CFP President Boo Corrigan said the committee favored TCU over No. 4 Tennessee because of the Horned Frogs’ ability to win.

“We appreciate the victories. They keep finding a way to win and not give up those points in the second half.

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The Volunteers, who were in first place in the first CFP rankings, fell to fifth place after their defeat. Tennessee will be looking to rebound in a home game against Missouri on Saturday.

The Wolverines have dismantled Rutgers, 52-17, and will prepare to face Nebraska this weekend. Ohio State apparently slipped by Northwestern, 21-7, as weather played a role in the Buckeyes’ struggles. Ohio State is scheduled to face Indiana in the Horseshoe on Saturday.

Alabama suffered a 32-31 overtime loss to LSU at Tiger Stadium, moving the Crimson Tide to No. 9 with a ranked game against No. 11 Ole Miss on Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, TCU pulled out in the second half of their game against unranked Texas Tech on Saturday to stay undefeated. But the Horned Frogs will be tested this weekend with a ranked road clash against No. 18 Texas in a showdown in Austin.

Here is the second full college football playoff standings.

  1. Georgia
  2. ohio state
  3. Michigan
  4. TOS
  5. Tennessee
  6. Oregon
  7. USL
  8. Southern California
  9. Alabama
  10. Clemson
  11. Ole Miss
  12. UCLA
  13. Utah
  14. Penn State
  15. North Carolina
  16. NC status
  17. Tulane
  18. Texas
  19. Kansas State
  20. our Lady
  21. Illinois
  22. UCF
  23. state of florida
  24. Kentucky
  25. Washington

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