Georgia Southern’s Gavin Adcock Turns His Passion For Football Into Music


STATESBORO, Georgia (WSAV) – Careers in football are short.

This fact prompted Georgia Southern football player Gavin Adcock to write some lyrics.

From there he found a new passion that will continue long after his playing days.

“I was like ‘I’m going to sit here and think about never playing football again and see how it hits me,” “Adcock said.

A musical spark lit in high school ignited to melody five years later.

“I wrote a song in 2016,” Adcock said. “I was in the final year of high school. I do not know; I just felt like now was the right time to let him out.

That’s how Adcock, a nose tackle for the Georgia Southern football team, released his first single, aptly titled “We Love Football,” in April with guitarist and high school friend Sebastian Caballero.

“We worked on it in my main class,” Adcock said.

“We clicked in a way that I’m not used to clicking with other people, but that’s what makes the music so beautiful,” Caballero said.

Adcock has only one semester left at Georgia Southern, which makes him want to aim high earlier in his music career.

“The next song I dropped, I want it to be on iTunes and Spotify,” Adcock said.

Adcock and Caballero are already set to do so with a new single called “Ain’t No Cure”, which is due out soon.

“We’re still new enough to take this seriously together and work together and just try to do something that we love and that fills our souls and makes us happy,” Caballero said.

For now, Adcock is in the same position he was when he first picked up a pen: he has a year of football left and a song in his heart.

“I really like communicating with people,” Adcock said. “I really like doing something that touches people and makes them say ‘Dang, I want to listen to this again.'”

You can find Adcock’s music on his Instagram and Youtube pages.


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