Greensboro Woman Uses Music To Help Her Get Through Troubled Times


GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Whenever Ingrid Robinson needs encouragement, there is a certain sound that is always soothing.

“I really like the anthems,” she said.

She started taking piano lessons at the age of eight. Music continued to be a large part of his life, including singing in church and in various choirs.

However, when she went through a difficult time as an adult, the keys fell silent.

“I had lost my home, I didn’t have a sustainable job, which is a job where I could pay my bills, rent or whatever,” Robinson said.

Robinson went to the Greensboro City Ministry to get the services she needed, including inspiration inside her chapel.

“And maybe twice when I came, God would say, ‘Do you know these songs? Get up and play them. So one time I got up and played, ”she said.

The chaplains saw her talent and supported her. Before Robinson knew it, she was replacing the regular pianist.

Playing hymns was uplifting for Robinson and others.

“It helped me because one thing about it: hymns are Bible verses set in motion and to sound,” she said.

Today Robinson is doing well.

She has a home, a job and has even been married since becoming a client.

Robinson also served as Minister Stephen, that is, someone who provides individual care to guests of the Greensboro Urban Ministry.

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