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First survey indicators

The manner in which Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur travels extensively to every nook and corner of the state has given rise to speculation in early Assembly polls. Although he has publicly stated that there is no reason for the poll to be brought forward, political analysts are not ruling out the possibility. “Except when there is a Cabinet meeting, he is always absent from Shimla, which indicates that the BJP could surprise the opposition by choosing to hold an early vote in the Assembly.

Officers allege ill-treatment

Himachal cadres posted as liaisons to visiting senior officials during the national conference of chief secretaries held here last week have complained of mistreatment. Many officers complained that during the conference they had experienced what Indian officers would have felt in the service of British officers during the colonial era.

Cinema against literature

Sessions led by eminent film personalities during the International Film Festival, one felt that cinema was trying to catch up with literature. “Writing for film should be seen as literature or a form of literature, and it shouldn’t be undermined,” Gulzar said. But the literature vs cinema relationship appeared upside down in the session featuring big literary names like Mridula Garg and Geetanjali Shree. “My award won’t remain the topic of discussion for long, it would have stayed in the collective memory for much longer if the recipient was from the film world,” Geetanjali Shree said.

Simmering discontent, undecided government

The simmering discontent among the employees who are shouting anti-government slogans to meet their demands is not going in favor of the BJP government as the elections approach. Employee unions, including teachers, HRTC, electricity and NHM staff, as well as those demanding the revival of old pension schemes, have separate demands, but one thing in unison is that the meetings do not produce results because the government is undecided.

Contributions by Lalit Mohan, Pratibha Chauhan, Subhash Rajta and Bhanu P Lohumi


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