How many Saw movies are there? (and where to stream them)


The Seen The films constitute one of the genre’s most popular horror film franchises. I would also say these movies are some of the bloodiest, notoriously known for the amount of gore featured. Adding to the list, the Seen The film series also has one of the greatest installments in the horror genre. just how much Seen the movies are there? Many! And there’s another one on the way. Here’s where to catch up (or rewatch) every Seen movie so you’re ready for the next one, and what we know about the Seen 10.

How many Saw movies are there?

There are a total of nine Seen films released at the time of this writing, with a tenth installment coming in 2023. After the film’s premiere on October 29, 2004, one film was released each October until 2010. Watch the films on premiere night , just in time for Halloween, has become a tradition for many.

After 3D saw in 2010, there was no new film until 2017, titled Jigsaw. Then we had Spiral on May 14, 2021. This movie followed a copycat, so it was slightly different from the others. However, the biggest difference was the premiere date, away from Halloween, which was disappointing.

Saw 10 release date

A release date for the next Seen the movie has already been set for October 27, 2023 – so we’ll be back to Halloween premieres, which I’m very excited about. The movie doesn’t have a title yet (that we know), but at least there’s a release date to look forward to. Bloody Disgusting Reports Kevin Greutert Will Direct This Film, Which You May Remember Directing Saw VI and 3D saw.

Where to watch all the Saw movies

  • Seen (2004) is free on PLEX and tubi, you can also rent the movie online.
  • Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, Saw: The Final Chapter, and Jigsaw are all streaming on Peacock.
  • Spiral: from Saw’s book is streaming on Starz.

What movie are you most looking forward to watching? Nothing beats the original, but there are still great installments in the franchise.


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