How to Celebrate Pride 2021 with Eaze


The “back to normal” is so close we can almost taste it, but with COVID-19 still a serious concern, it looks like Pride Month 2021 will have to be another low-key affair.

But don’t worry – as fun as it is to get lost in a giant crowd at the Pride Parades of the Past, we’ll be back there before we know it, and in the meantime we can certainly still have fun and celebrate Pride. in the best possible way.

Here are five ways to show your pride in the LGBTQIA + community and for love to always be love. Don’t forget to bring a lighter.

  1. Show signs of pride + Pineapple Express Gummies

Pride month is usually accompanied by protests, parades or marches around the world in support of LGBTQIA + rights. While the need for social distancing may keep you from participating in these kinds of festivities, that doesn’t mean your voice still can’t be heard.

Get creative and throw a Pride sign-making party with your closest friends. Have everyone bring in markers, glitter, cardboard, and whatever else you need to bring your supportive visions to life, even if they’re just going to hang on your front window.

Make sure you and your guests have a good serving of Pineapple Express Gummies from PLUS, an edible classic infused with one of the most classic varieties on the market.

2. Pride party + Sparkling Lemon Ginger

Another great way to show off your pride from home? Dance about it! Create a Pride playlist with all your favorite LGBTQIA + artists, don an outfit that makes you feel like you are your best, and dance your heart out.

An intense dance session is sure to make you sweat, so cool off with Wunder’s Sparkling Lemon Ginger, a perfect balance of delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC and CBD.

3. On the theme of pride “Never have I ever” + King Louis

In the chaotic lineage of “Truth or Dare”, “Never Have I Ever” is the perfect way to get drunk while getting all the tea for your companions.

For this version of the game, we’ve replaced the juicy general questions with pride-themed questions (eg, “I’ve never kissed a stranger at Pride,” “I’ve never been to a parade pride ”, etc.), and alcohol for the weed.

Instead of taking a forever ‘never’ sip that you ‘don’t have’, chow down on Everyday’s King Louis for a good foggy time.

4. Organize a fashion show + Dolce & Banana

In honor of the Emmy Award-winning series Project track, organize your own design competition, accompanied by a fashion show to showcase everyone’s creations.

You can be as creative as you want with this: have everyone use random materials or choose a theme, like “What pride means to you”.

While you judge all the looks, pull up on some of Foxy’s Dolce & Banana – because, fashion, duh.

5. Read queer literature + Desert gold

It might not be as light an activity as you’re used to during Pride Month, but reading queer literature is one of the most powerful acts in understanding and educating yourself about queer issues. .

There is an endless well of work from outstanding queer authors around the world, like anything from this list. Personally, I will devote my month to Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the city series.

Combine your reading sessions with the Desert Gold cartridge from LEUNE for a relaxing and cerebral sensation.

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