Interview with Derek Jeter on Greatness Wins, Baseball and Fatherhood


Over the past few weeks, the country has been listening collectively to ESPN’s documentary series titled The captain. As fans relive Derek Jeter’s historic career, the New York Yankees legend continues to look to the future.

Jeter is further away from baseball than ever. Instead of spending his days at the stadium, the 48-year-old’s schedule revolves around his family and his business. However, the attention to detail that propelled Jeter to Cooperstown is now helping his new venture disrupt the performance apparel industry.

This year, Jeter and UNTUCKit founder Chris Riccobono teamed up with American Ballet Theater principal dancer Misty Copeland and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky to launch Greatness Wins. The upstart brand specializes in activewear for the modern athlete.

For 20 seasons Jeter has performed with an undeniable level of confidence. The Captain’s cool attitude never wavered because he got down to business. Now, the five-time World Series champion leads a new team of stars in a competitive market. Greatness Wins is the latest example of Jeter’s commitment to excellence.

Derek Jeter warming up before a game in September 2014.

What inspired you, Chris Riccobono, founder of UNTUCKit (along with Misty Copeland and Wayne Gretzky) to team up on Greatness Wins?

“I’ve always had a lot of different ideas about what could be improved with the product in the sports space. When I met Chris and we started conceptualizing Greatness Wins, we wanted to focus on bringing of quality fabrics and technical performance to the brand and in all of our products.Chris is armed with a decade of e-commerce experience as the founder of UNTUCKit and the passion to launch and build a business. unique clothing.

Teaming up together, with Misty and Wayne, was a no-brainer. When we talked about someone to lead our next women’s line, Misty was the first female athlete that came to mind. She has an incredible history and work ethic and truly defines what greatness means, and as “The Great One” Wayne is focused on our golf line and taking that category to the next level. We are all delighted with what we have built together.”

The performance sportswear market is competitive. What sets Greatness Win apart?

“We fill a unique niche with the fabrics we use coupled with our price. Our garments are designed with innovative technical fabrics that work hard, wash well and actually last. Greatness Wins is all about quality, fit and performance.”

I read that the goal was to stay away from the athleisure trend and focus more on performance. Do you think sustainability is an area where other brands fall short?

“We place a very high priority on performance and manufacturing products that meet high performance requirements. We also rigorously test every aspect of the fabric, including pilling, abrasion resistance, shrinkage, and more. Quality, performance and fit is most important to us.Not just the initial fit, but consistency of fit every time it is worn and washed.

Baseball Hall of Famer and New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter started an activewear company called Greatness Wins.

Derek Jeter wears the Core Tech Tee and the All-Purpose Progression Shorts.

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Have you ever sat down and wished Greatness Wins was there during your gaming days?

“As athletes, I think we always want the best, so I think it would have been great to have access to what we’re creating here at Greatness Wins during my baseball career. But when I was playing, I didn’t never could have given the company the attention that I am capable of now, and being involved at this high level is really important to me.”

What does your day-to-day role look like in the company? You don’t seem like the kind of partner to stay away from.

“Day to day, I am extremely involved in the design process of each collection, working closely with our design team on the overall brand vision and goals as well as our marketing strategies for our upcoming lines. We have a lot of exciting ideas that we will implement over the next few seasons.”

UNTUCKit Founder Chris Riccobono and Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter have teamed up to create a new performance apparel company known as

Chris Riccobono and Derek Jeter in the design process.

The company is growing rapidly. A women’s collection will be released in spring 2023. What do you see as the future of Greatness Wins?

“We are excited about the vision Misty and the team have for the Greatness Wins women’s line and want to intentionally continue to grow across our men’s and women’s lines.

Throughout, we will remain very focused on our core mission of providing top quality performance items, but there is huge potential for growth in terms of styles, products, targeted sporting areas, etc. We seek to be very responsive to the needs of our audience.”

It’s an unfair question. You were part of five World Series champion teams. Is there one that stands out from the others?

“It’s like asking someone to name their favorite child – even if you have one, you’ll never say it out loud.”

Last question, what advice would you give to other sleep deprived dads?

“Get used to it! I think we’re all going to be sleep deprived for a while! But also, I think we can all feel pretty lucky for why we’re a bit sleep deprived. Being a father is a special kind of joy.”

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