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Acting legend Tom Selleck has played Jesse Stone for over a decade now, starring in 9 films in the franchise based on Robert B. Parker’s novels.

Since 2005, Tom Selleck had played in the Peter Jesse CBS TV movie series. Based on the novels by the late author Robert B. Parker, these films chronicle the life of a dysfunctional police chief as he deals with various crimes and his own demons in a small town.

With nine films so far and another project in the works, it can be a bit daunting to watch the entire series. This is all the more true since the release of the films is not necessarily their chronological order. Here’s how to see Stone and the rest of the residents of Paradise, Massachusetts, in the correct order of the Peter Jesse series.

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Night Passage is theoretically Jesse Stone’s first film

Although it takes place before all the other films, Jesse Stone: Night Passagebased on Parker’s book Night shift, is actually the second film made for the franchise. This sees Stone settle into his role as police chief, which is compounded by both a domestic violence case and a murder that hits close to home. This makes it somewhat similar to Selleck’s TV series Blue blood. Night shift and most of the rest of the series can be streamed via Tubi TV.

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Stone Cold is the second and first in the series

cold stone Was the first Peter Jesse film made for CBS, which premiered in 2005. It features an already established Jesse Stone tackling a series of grisly murders, all tied to the same theme. All the while, Stone deals with his growing relationship issues, including the one with his ex-wife.

Death in paradise Bringing the series back to the present

Death in paradise aired a few months later Night shift, although it brings the series back to the “present day”. Now more seasoned in paradise, Stone faces a gruesome murder when a seemingly brilliant young girl washes herself dead. What happens is a journey into organized crime and the depraved desires of a successful writer.

Sea Change shows the series taking off

2007 change of the sea Selleck really steps into the role, while defending Paradise’s reputation. Grieving from both a murder and a sexual assault, the town reels from the aftermath as Stone tries to get to the bottom of it. Selleck won an Emmy for his performance in the made-for-TV movie, with Stone as the character exhibiting a brooding level of seriousness.

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Audiences waited longer for Thin Ice

2009 Jesse Stone: Thin Ice came two years later change of the sea, which had been the longest gap between new entries in the series. The story involves the mother of a missing child who was allegedly pronounced dead. Desperate for answers, she asks Stone to reopen the case and find out what really happened.

No Remorse charts a new course for Jesse Stone

2010 returned to the series’ annual release schedule with Without regret. The film had Jesse Stone suspended by the Paradise City Council, leaving his former team to tackle a case on their own. Meanwhile, he investigates another mystery for an old friend in Boston, which involves numerous murders.

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Innocents Lost was a creative new beginning

Innocents lostthe 2011 Peter Jesse film, was in many ways a first. Not only did Dick Lowry take over the direction from Robert Harmon, but it’s also based on a screenplay by Selleck and Michael Brandman instead of a book by Robert Parker. It features the now independent Stone investigating the death of a young friend as Paradise gets a new police chief. Unlike the other movies, this one is available to stream on Pluto TV.

The benefit of the doubt restores order in paradise

Also an original story, Benefit of the doubt has Stone reluctantly returned to Heaven to face a double murder case. These murders include the recent police chief, making it a personal matter for the retired cop. This film is also present on Pluto TV.

Lost in Paradise is the climax of the series

Released 3 years after the previous film, lost in paradise also moved from CBS to the Hallmark channel wholesome of all places for his house. Putting Stone back in Boston to deal with a potential serial killer, this franchise’s newest film is also considered its best yet. It is available to stream via Pluto TV.

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