Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of November 14 – ‘Pearl’ Takes Center Stage


Welcome to my home movies! Greetings from Florida and the Mets Fantasy Camp, so excuse the relative brevity of the column this time around. Today the X prequel pearl leading the way. The movie is easily this week’s top pick, but it’s part of an interesting little list, I must say. Read on to find out more…

Joey’s Best Pick



pearl keep showing that mia goth and Ti West are a cinematic match made in heaven. watch both X and now they’ve created two of the most interesting horror films of the modern era. bring Maxxine, I say! Here’s some of what I had to say here in my TIFF review:

mia goth and Ti West have something special right now. What they created earlier this year with X (reviewed here in a previous Sunday Scaries hybrid piece) was pretty darn awesome, so this surprise sequel was a joy to check out. Now having seen pearl at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s more interesting to know that it exists. Whereas X was a riff on horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, pearl is closer to the work of John Waters. Twisted but bathed in Technicolor, the film is unlike anything else. Midnight Madness at TIFF was made for something like this.

pearl will confuse some, but those on his wavelength will get a big kick out of it. Now, I will say that I was quite taken aback by the film’s cruel tendency towards animals, but it certainly shows just how offbeat our protagonist is. I just wish the cruelty was more human-centric, but that’s me.

Also available this week

Magnolia Pictures

A Discovery of Witches: The Complete Trilogy

Doom Patrol: The Complete Third Season (TV)

Gigi and Nate

Halo: The Complete First Season (TV)

I love my father

Jerry and Marge go big

Lunar Reverie

reservoir dogs (First time in 4K)

Three thousand years of nostalgia

Criteria Corner


The Infernal Affairs Trilogy

From The Criterion Collection: “The Hong Kong crime drama has taken on new life with the release of the Hellish Affairs trilogy, an upbeat and explosively styled critical and commercial triumph that introduced a dazzling level of narrative and thematic complexity to the genre with its gripping saga of two rival moles – played by superstars Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Andy Lau Tak-wah – who navigate slippery moral choices as they move between the cross-border territories of Hong Kong’s police and its criminal underworld. Set in the uncertainty of the city-state’s transfer from Britain to China and steeped in Buddhist philosophy, these ingeniously crafted tales of self-deception and betrayal reflect Hong Kong’s own fractured identity and schisms psychics of life in postcolonial purgatory.

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