KillerFrogs Reaches Major Milestone: Over 500 Articles on TCU Sports


It was mid-August and a friend, and fellow TCU fan, asked “Hey, how about writing about TCU for Sports Illustrated?”

“Are you kidding me,” I asked? “Fuck yes! Tell me more. And with that, I was introduced to the KillerFrogs team. Of course, I knew KillerFrogs. After all, they’d been painting the world purple one person at a time since 1997. And I knew Ryann but had never been introduced to him.

I met Ryann and heard about the new partnership KillerFrogs was having with Sports Illustrated. I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of this start-up project. We had to move quickly. Football season was approaching and we knew our best chance to start attracting an audience was during football season. We did it. We launched on September 14 just in time before the SMU game. We hadn’t expected that two and a half months later we would face a losing season and replace a legendary head coach. But we were there and able to cover everything.

When we pitched, it was Ryann and me. We knew we needed more writers. We finally found our team – six writers plus Ryann, all with a variety of backgrounds and a variety of ties to TCU sports.

Our team is pictured above as we came together last week to toast the achievement of writing our 500and article – something we did in 138 days. That means every day we gave you at least three new articles to read or videos to watch on all your favorite TCU sports.

We commemorate the accomplishment in two parts. First, this article introduces you to the team. Tomorrow, we’ll travel down memory lane and recognize the 10 most viewed articles since our launch in September.

So, with this meeting with the KillerFrogs editorial team (pictured left to right in photo above):

  • Barry Lewis – Editor/Editor/Senior Writer – yes, that’s me – I came to campus the same year as Jim Wacker, and graduated the same year as Jamie Dixon. I’ve written about almost every sport since our launch.
  • Adam Shirley – Adam does not live in the D/FW region and has a young daughter at home. He couldn’t join us, but we included his photo in our group photo. Adam has brought you a unique analysis of football and soccer over the fall. His keys to the game and opposing players to watch were quite instructive. He looks forward to contributing when baseball starts later this month.
  • Tyler Brown – Our resident ignorant of sport and comedian. Tyler wants to write the next great novel and wanted the challenge of writing about topics that were unfamiliar to him. I hope you enjoyed his articles “Rules Reconsidered” or “Screwed Tapes”.
  • Ryan Zeller – Our fearless leader and co-owner of She’s a TCU alumnus and former co-cheerleader who brings a wealth of TCU connections and knowledge that has helped us get to where we are. And she’s the biggest cheerleader on the whole team. “What this team of KillerWriters has done in such a short time is nothing short of amazing. It takes time and dedication. There are days when I sit down and am blown away by what we have accomplished. I am so grateful and proud of everyone.
  • Brett Gibbons – He’s not a TCU veteran, but that doesn’t matter. He is on a trip to visit all FBS football stadiums. We caught up with him in October when he added AGCS to his list. And aren’t we glad he did. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about college football. He covered recruitment, betting odds, transfer portal, coaching carousel, CFP and much more. We certainly look forward to reading his analysis once baseball begins.
  • Nick Howard – Nick is our utility player (to use a baseball term) or our ATH (to use a football recruiting term). Nick is a recent Oklahoma Wesleyan graduate where he played four years of college hoops. I hope you enjoyed his knowledge of basketball while reading about our men’s and women’s teams. Nick takes the camera to all the press conferences. He is the voice of KillerFrogs on Twitter during football and basketball games. He is everywhere we need him. And his enthusiasm is simply contagious.
  • david tucker – Another TCU alum who has a lot of knowledge about all kinds of past TCU sports and games. He is so ready to tackle any topic. He does more with women’s basketball, and he’s the one who will keep us updated on both golf teams. He’s also the one to go to when you want the perfect meme, especially if he slams SMU, UT, or that school in Waco!

So this is it…. the team that brought you the first 500 articles. We are happy to have you with us for the ride. Here are the next 500!

Coming tomorrow: Back to the top 10 articles according to our readers

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