King Arthur and 9 other movie characters keep trying (and failing) to do work


Franchises are the holy grail of Hollywood movies. That’s what every executive wants when they fund a movie now, especially with the MCU’s massive success for Disney. This is why there has been an endless stream of reboots or sequels with popular series like Terminator or Extraterrestrial.

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While these shows had some rough times, they were at least popular and well done at one point. The same can’t be said of those characters who consistently fail in the movies. This is a case where Hollywood desperately clings to a brand name, even though the brand is no longer making money.

ten King Arthur movies keep trying to reinvent the wheel and fail

The problem King Arthur continually encounters when made into a movie is the fact that each movie tries to add its own twist to the story, and that rarely works. Guy Ritchie’s take features Demon Lords and feels more like a live-action version of Dungeons & Dragons rather than a story of King Arthur.

The 2004 king arthur fell into similar traps, making Arthur a Roman and shifting the lineage of other characters such as Guinevere.

9 Van Helsing was never able to shine as a true vampire hunter

film van helsing hugh jackman

Van Helsing isn’t as thorough as a lot of other characters, but he’s a character who’s appeared in several movies, none of which have been as good. The most notable of these is probably Van Helsing, which starred Hugh Jackman as the main character.

The movie was crammed with far too many monsters to ever be enjoyable, muddying up the plot in the same way the villains did in Spider-Man 3. It’s strange that Hollywood could miss a character so easy to understand. All they had to do was make him look like Blade, a badass vampire hunter.

8 Dracula never had success with a modern day movie

Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold

Dracula has probably been in more movies than any other character, easily appearing in over twenty. Most of the older films were quite good, with some outstanding performances by Christopher Lee, among others. For some reason, modern films haven’t been able to capture the same magic at all.

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Some had stupid reinventions like that of Wes Craven Dracula 2000 or been a boring attempt to tell her story, like Dracula unknown. As with its rival, Van Helsing, it’s shocking that Hollywood can swing around and miss a character so often.

7 The true meaning of Frankenstein’s monster seems lost in Hollywood


The meaning of Frankenstein’s monster is that you shouldn’t judge a person or creature by their appearance. He is a character who, by his very definition, wants to be sympathetic. It seems lost in all modern interpretations of the character.

The horrible god I, Frankenstein had the character who ran around fighting demons, and his appearance in Van Helsing more focused on aid in the battle against Dracula. The monster isn’t meant to be in an action movie, but that seems all Hollywood is interested in doing.

6 Shaft movies feel overwhelmed and trapped in the past

Tree movies were never the pinnacle of cinema, but during the blaxploitation era of the 70s they did well enough to get a trilogy of movies. The first two were entertaining antics that matched that era, and even Sam Jackson’s 2000 movie was pretty fun, thanks mainly to Sam Jackson.

The most recent attempt was more than fun. It had mediocre production value, jokes that thumped and sounded like a movie tricked into the past.

5 Peter Pan never translated well into live-action without Steven Spielberg at the helm

Pan with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard

Apart from To hook, Peter Pan has never been a character who went well into live action. It’s a story whose whimsical nature lends itself much better to the animated medium, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying time and time again to make it work.

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Both Imaginary country and Peter Pan were bad movies, but they both look great compared to Stove. One look at Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard and you can see why. It’s so overkill and tries to tell a prequel where Pan and Hook are friends rather than enemies. Unsurprisingly, he’s not doing any good.

4 Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau must stay in the 60s and 70s

Steve Martin brandishing a dictaphone as a pink panther

The voice recorder might just be the blackmail Sony used to make Steve Martin appear in both reboots of Pink Panther. To say the movies were bad would be an understatement. Not everything can be put at Martin’s feet either. He was a game in the role, but the character of Inspector Clouseau does not translate well in the current age of cinema.

Forgetting the character is neither endearing nor funny like in the 60s or 70s, where the character belongs.

3 Resident Evil’s Alice Drives Already Poorly Made Movies

For a franchise that’s been as horrible as resident Evil was, it’s shocking that there were six. They all managed to gradually get worse too, and a big reason the focus is on Alice.

As the movies progressed, she grew into a giant Mary Sue character who can do it all, never needing any of the characters from the actual games. While never fantastic, the movies should have been fun, but more of a boring power fantasy.

2 Leatherface has appeared in several remakes which become more stable with each release.

Hollywood must realize that Leatherface is not the cultural icon that is Michael Myers. Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and many other killers are still on that second rung of villainous slasher. A big reason there is a myth related to Myers, and because his films have real depth, like Laurie dealing with PTSD in the last film.

With Texas Chainsaw and Leatherface, there is none of that. He’s a guy with a chainsaw that’s gonna kill a bunch of people at the end. There isn’t enough room for variation and his films get boring.

1 Chucky and the Child’s Play movies don’t know what genre they want to be

andy talks to Chucky

The biggest problem that plagues the Chucky movies is that they don’t know what genre they want to be. Movies are at their best when there is a mix of dark humor and horror elements, like they did in the early movies.

Through Chucky’s Bride, they started to get way too weird bringing more dolls and went all out with Chucky seed. Film series need to decide what they want to be and commit to it. At least the reboot tried to capture the same satirical nature as the first.

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