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When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, champion of gender equality, LGBTQ + people, immigrants, abortion rights and universal health care, passed away last month, I cried. I cried for the woman who fought for my right to an abortion. I mourned the loss of an icon who allowed me – a young black woman living in the South – to earn a living and rent my own apartment without a man. Because, you see, these things have all happened at the same time for me, and I fear what is at stake for the 25 million women of childbearing age who live in a state like mine where abortion could be. forbidden if Roe v. Wade is bowled over. Twenty-five million is not just a number. It represents women like me.

In order to access basic health care, I spent three weeks navigating a deliberately complicated landscape created by politicians. Eventually I found an abortion clinic 250 miles away in Lafayette. Even under Roe, I know from personal experience how difficult it is already to access abortion and reproductive health care in some states like mine.

From abortion to property taxes, voters in Louisiana will decide on these 7 amendments on November 3.

Louisiana, we live in a state that has more abortion restrictions than any other. This year, a voting measure threatens to eliminate the right to abortion within the borders of our state. The record of Amy Coney Barrett, candidate for the Supreme Court of President Donald Trump, is hostile to the right to abortion. With 17 abortion-related cases one step away from the US Supreme Court, the future of our reproductive health and rights is more at stake than ever. If Barrett is upheld in the Supreme Court and as Roe is gutted, or worse yet, overthrown, Louisiana women will have little legal protections in a place where access barely exists.

Senses Kennedy and Cassidy shamelessly said they would work with their colleagues to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court. Senators: My only hope is that when you hear Barrett’s name you will remember my story.


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