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Pixar’s latest offering Luca impressed during his Disney + debut, according to Nielsen’s latest streaming notes.

The family film easily topped the list of the 10 most viewed movies for the week of June 14-20 with a whopping 1.57 billion minutes view time.

That’s the equivalent of approximately 16.6 million complete sequences of the 95-minute film. That means Luca title almost equal to that of another Pixar Soul, which became the first feature film to top Nielsen’s Weekly Overall Streaming Chart on its Christmas Corridor debut. Soul, which lasts 100 minutes, captured approximately 1.67 billion minutes of listening time, or nearly 16.7 million complete races.

Luca placed second behind Manifesto on the global list of any streaming, film or television offer, for the week of June 14 to 20.

Both Soul and Luca were originally slated to open in theaters, but were sent direct to stream in the United States and other countries where Disney + is available due to the pandemic. There was no additional charge to watch either title.

Kevin Hart’s Paternity (877 million minutes) also made a good debut on Netflix to rank second in Nielsen’s 10 Best Movies ranking. Sony’s comedy was one of several studio films the streamer acquired during the pandemic.

Independent horror film The devil below, another new Netflix offering, ranked # 7 (146 million minutes).

Overall, the Disney family film stable led the way claiming four of the top 10 spots in the movie rankings. Soul was joined by remnants Raya and the last dragon and Moana – both from Disney Animation Studios – and live action from Disney Studios Cruel. (Raya and Cruel debuted on Disney + Premier Access at an additional cost of $ 30 million.)

Netflix and Zack Snyder Army of the dead fell from the top 10 in his fifth week.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TVs only and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure US audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Amazon, Disney +, Hulu, and Netflix in its rankings. (WarnerMedia does not publish audience data for HBO Max.)

There is little transparency when it comes to streaming numbers, unlike box office revenue. On July 11, Disney stunned Hollywood – and theater owners – by announcing that Black Widow earned $ 60 million when it debuted on Disney + Premier Access to take the film’s box office / digital hybrid opening to over $ 218 million worldwide.

Nielsen’s 10 best streaming movies for the week of June 14-20 are below. Original streaming movies are marked with an asterisk; titles receiving simultaneous theatrical release in the United States and most international territories have two asterisks.

1. Luca* (Disney +), 1.57 billion
2. Paternity (2021) * (Netflix), 877 million
3. Raya and the last dragon** (Disney +), 576 million
4. Wish dragon (Netflix), 530 million
5. Home (2015) (Netflix), 188 million
6. Moana (Disney +), 166 million
7. The devil below (Netflix), 146 million
8. Cruel** (Disney +), 118 million
9. The Mitchells vs. the Machines* (Netflix), 116 million
ten. Missing dog (Netflix), 106 million


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