Marvel’s weakest Thor may save future MCU movies starring Chris Hemsworth


The introduction of Marvel’s Weaker Thor created a much-needed change in the comic book world and could also rejuvenate the MCU.

Since the Silver Age, Thor has been a member of the Avengers and a stable part of the Marvel hero community. This made him a central part of the global universe, but even he was not immune to being “replaced” during the dark, gritty ’90s. Enter Thunderstrike, a mortal who briefly merged with the God of Thunder before becoming a hero in his own right.

Thunderstrike definitely made a difference for the Thor comics, and it could give a similar rejuvenation to Everyman at Thor movies in the MCU. Since one of the wardrobe choices seen in the promotional images for Thor: Love and Thunder, this could very well be the case in the future. Here’s a look at this very different version of the God of Thunder, how he brought a Norse god back to street level, and how he could do it again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Who was Thunderstrike?

Debut in Thor # 391 and created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, Eric Masterson was a mortal architect who befriended the God of Thunder. During his adventures with the Asgardian hero, Masterson would be fatally wounded by one of his enemies. To save his life, Odin merged the two into one being.

Thor and Eric went through several episodes of separation anxiety, with the two eventually breaking up again. Masterson had proven himself to be a hero, so Odin created a magical mass for him. With this weapon, he became the new hero Thunderstrike, fighting villains on his own and having more down-to-earth adventures than the more cosmic Thor.

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Powers and weaknesses of Thunderstrike

Thunderstrike’s abilities were very similar to Thor’s, as were his weapon’s. His mace could be thrown and called back to him like Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, while still allowing him to fly. The mace could also be slapped on the ground to return it to its lethal form, on which any wounds Eric suffered would automatically heal.

Thunderstrike’s strength and dexterity was immense, placing him far above many Asgardians and thus making him one of the bravest heroes to fight for the Marvel Universe. His main weakness, however, was that even this strength was only a fraction of Thor’s full might, so the everyday god definitely had his limits. Other weaknesses included his family ties, with his son Kevin being used as a pawn to reach him from time to time.

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How Thunderstrike could revamp Thor in the MCU

Thor in his Asgardian armor

Thunderstrike has been somewhat forgotten in the comics, but he could be revitalized in the MCU. It’s unclear exactly how long Chris Hemsworth will represent the God of Thunder, but his lifespan could be extended by becoming a more deadly god in the form of Eric Masterson.

Having shown the character’s cosmic side in films like Thor: Ragnarok, the MCU could now show how Thunderstrike made Thor a little more hero to ordinary people. It would also be interesting to see Hemsworth play this very different version of the Asgardian god. Whether the MCU will do this in the future remains to be seen, but with Jane Foster possibly taking on the role of Thor, this would be a perfect time to let the thunder strike.

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